Number of engravings surpasssing max value

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I’ve just noticed that when you have collected all 20 legendary engraving recipes of a certain type and used them (being effectively capped), you can still use more even if it doesn’t give you anything. You just straight up loose the engraving recipe without any gain. I’ve been buying awakening engraving recipes thinking those were blessed aura engraving recipes and used them, effectively losing about 6-8 times 4000 gold = 24k-32k gold for nothing.
Is it normal the game allows us to do that when it is just a loss for the player?
Honestly i feel cheated and do hope for a refund of those engravings

The moment you bought the wrong engraving books, you already lost the gold. Bought books can’t be resold.

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I do know about that and i would be satisfied with this (at least accept my loss) if i only bought once. But because of this design, i bought multiple batches of books. Whereas if we weren’t able to use those books i would have noticed immediately and wouldnt have bought more.

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Unfortunately we don’t have a way to refund the gold used on the wrong engraving books.

I understand and apologize for all the inconvenience this might caused you , and suggest to please send your feedback on our Game and Feedback forums so our assigned team can take a look at your experience.

Additionally, this thread will be moved to the “Game Feedback” category, where the team will take into account your opinion and experience.

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