Nvidia Filters not working after March 15th Update

Good day, after today’s hotfix update everything works fine, and the game looks very fluid, but it has defaulted to the smudgy, foggy screen like bloom saturated effect, I had some nvidia filters applied to have it more sharpness, and fix a bit more the smudge and fogginess. After the update I can’t bring up nvidia overlay, is it happening to someone else?

Following up with this cause i actually just had it happen with the vykas patch. So i assume it something with anti cheat and nvidia not getting along and allowing nvidia to recognize the game as something it can filter. i guess it’s just the major patch updates that seem to do it for a short time.

Hello and welcome to the forums @sheng_long and thank you @Prime91 for bringing this to our attention,

I have reviewed all the data you have provided and thank you for the information. Due to the type of issue you mention and how it does not match the expected behavior, this thread would be better addressed in the Bug Reports section

I have moved the thread. Hope this helps and see you in Arkesia! :wolf:

Hello all, thanks for sending this our way. I’ll inform the team that the NVIDIA filters are not working after the update.