Nvidia Geforce Now - let`s have the game there

Hi … i`m a user of geforce now because i dont have money to buy a stronger gpu, and i want to ask the developers for this game to be on geforce now !

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Hi @alexxdanciu. :bow_and_arrow: Welcome to our community!

Thank you so much for contacting us, we are so glad that our game got the interest of the geforce now players out there!

There are no plan to have Lost Ark on geoforce now at the moment but i’ll make sure to pass on this feedback, rememeber that you can also use the “Feedback” section in this same forum write your comments and recommendations.

Have a great day!:dragon:

@Wonderer It was just added in boosteroid, but geforce now is a topic that was requested about a month ago.
can we expect them to add lost ark in geforce now in the next few days?

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