Oath - NA West, Valtan, Level 22

We’re a PvX guild located in the West Valtan server, with a strong sense for dedication and determination, welcoming players who aspire to rise to the various challenges of Lost Ark.

At the present time, our first and foremost focus is to prepare for endgame content. We will be participating in raids and eventually also participating in larger-scale PvP content.

We strive continually after self-improvement, with an aim towards making a place for ourselves in the game. To that extent, we make sure that members are looked after: just as we all have a part in continually pushing for the guild’s progression, we make sure that everyone is recognized by their contributions, affording such achievements its according advantages. We emphasise not just doing something, but doing it well — and to that end, enjoying it all the more.

  • Discord (required in order to listen to comms)
  • iLvl 1390/1,400 or PvP trial
  • Daily ingame activity & guild contributions
  • Must attend mandatory guild functions

  • Respect your peers and represent the guild well
  • Participate in the guild on a regular basis (e.g. group content)
  • In the case of a dispute with another member, you should reach out to an officer to address the issue
  • Zero tolerance policy for hackers and exploiters
  • If you will be gone for an extended period of time, you must notify an officer


  • Reached guild level 4 this week. Thank you to all who contributed to making us one if not the first guild per level.

  • Chain command systems near completion for voice communication and text being deliberated.

  • Finished systems bots and additional updates to rid cluster on platform.

  • Member record querying semi-automation completed to better analyze contribution.

  • Additional member resources for tracking procured and distributed to better ease habits.

  • Majority have reached tier 3, new recruits will be provided resources and guidance on how to do so within a week.

  • PvP recruitment available and being incorporated for prominent applicants.‎

Obsessive Makoko seed gatherer spotted, caution advise if in possession of Makoko seeds as they will be forcefully taken, expectations of dispensary overflow, nearing quadruple digits.


Good helpful bunch of people, would sell someone else soul for them again.


Before I joined this guild, I was but a wee lad break-dancing in T1 content and wondering why I was getting stomped on by Brelshaza in Co-op Proving Grounds. But now that I’ve been rolling with my guildmates, I’ve been able to T3 in break-dance gear while proving Brelshaza in Co-op Grounds.

In other words, fun guild to be in, would leave a positive Yelp review again. Their organisation is also pretty nutty.

Also, this is the place where I put in testimonials, right?


So far this guild has been very helpful with the following:

  • Collectable locations
  • Assisting with Guardian Raids
  • Running Abyssal Dungeons
  • Explaining good locations for materials for gear advancement
  • keeping everyone alerted to upcoming events

So all in all, no complaints.


WOW… where to begin… I guess by joining


Congrats to our folks on hitting Guild Level 5 earlier this week! Really blazing through them like no tomorrow, thanks to the combined contributions of our members.


  • Relay system created, currently only functional for messages.

  • Secondary guild created to facilitate an arrangement of members.

  • Market resource created with automation to better target items.

  • Scheduled guild functions hosted and will continue to be moving forward.

  • Minor changes to the personal checklists.

Circuits blown, overgrown, swerving pedestrians, please stay home. Where did all the potions go!?


Wow this guild is already lvl6 n approaching level7? Thats pretty neat.


HI am i able to chat to someone on discord about joining the guild


Been loving every moment with the guild; daily activity, the level 3 guild shop, and being one of the first (if not the first) level 7 guilds is just a few of the things that make Oath great


Lots of group content and events hosted lately - thanks to all our members for the great turnout and amazing streak in both raids and battlegrounds!


Hi. Can I join? I’m a Lv. 30 Deathblade.

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A round of applause for all of our members and their contributions to the guild, which has allowed us to reach level 8 for the guild (while inching towards that level 4 guild shop)!


Proud of everyone for working together to get that next level! We’re well on our way to get that sweet level 4 guild shop.


Come join a sweet community with good people & some high level PvP/E


A very organized, competitive guild. The leadership have all been together through multiple game titles over many years and it shows with how well things are run.

Guild stability is probably the biggest benefit with any MMO, imo; hard to beat the peace of mind knowing the guild won’t disband or go soft. No chance of that happening here.

It’s motivating to see guildies pushing collectibles, achievements, ilvl, contribution, PvP rank, etc.; helps keep the game fresh.


I can’t believe oath is almost guild lvl 9 already I hardly got to enjoy level 8


Hope you enjoyed 8 while you could… Because we hit level 9!



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