(observation) this event will increase the amount of players quitting the game permanently

the event is, 100% guaranteed, to increase player quitting rates. A few examples of how:

  1. Some people who are already starting to get bored with the game will be conflicted with, “man id log in but i dont want to do that stupid event its boring as hell…” “ugh, ill just do it later” then they just never log in, and eventually they’re just routinely playing a different game.
  2. Some people who are frustrated with the fact that they don’t want to do the event, but are feeling like they are being forced to do it from fear of missing out, thus increasing the chances they will quit the game out of spite .
  3. Some people will be frustrated that they don’t want to do the event, but will do it anyways mentally kicking and screaming the whole time, contributing to the growing negative subconscious ‘cons’ of the game, which could just potentially make them quit.

and I’m sure there are more reasons. The dev’s made a big mistake by making this event so ridiculously boring and mundane.

This post is me making an observation of the potential negative consequences of the devs making an event like this, not me directly complaining about the event by the way. So the people who want to naysay with “omg man its free stuff stop complaining” can save it, because you won’t be disproving my hypotheses whatsoever.

This post is nothing different than something a good QA team would come up with to urge Smilegate not to make an event that stupid, not me directly complaining. But it is cute to see all the people that don’t understand that concept going “omg bro stop crying”


nice observation! :partying_face:

This event is the most boring thing I’ve seen in any video game ever. I thought afking for 15 minutes was already bad enough until I started fighting that boss. Event would be better if they just let us afk for 20 minutes in 1 spot, so we can go do something else.


Coupled with the sad skin release cadence, I’m one foot out the door myself.

Planning to leave if July Update doesn’t release any swimsuits or Legendary Skins, or anniversary skins.

We wont have legendary or anniversaries yet

Doubt anyone will quit the game over a subpar event when you can earn the currency doing chaos dungeons and guardians. People are playing Vykas not Heartbeat

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SteamDB is showing 200k and lower last night. The game is bleeding more and more players every day