Obtaining legendary skins

In the Korean and Russian version of Lost Ark you can only obtain legendary skins randomly through loot boxes sold in the cash shop. To open the loot boxes, you need an ingame currency you get as a daily reward, but only if you have an active premium subscription or by dismantling skins from the cash shop.

The skins form the loot box can be sold through the ingame auction house. If you want a specific legendary skin, you are either lucky and find it in the auction house or you must buy a lot of loot boxes and get the currency to open them to eventually obtain the skin.

Will this system stay the same in the EU/NA version or will we be able to buy legendary skins directly in the cash shop?


Considering this is pretty much the only gacha element in cash shop that would warrant Lost Ark’s inability to pass the regulations in Netherlands and Belgium, it would be shocking if the system didn’t stay the same.

There are no other cash shop elements that I can think of that would not pass the lootbox regulations in those countries.

To ADD info:

Legendary outfits come from Arcane “Transfigurator thingie”, which is in cash shop, and on RU 1 lootbox costs 100 blue crystalls (so you can buy them with gold). To open lootbox you need 14 pieces of manashelk. You are getting 1 manashelk per day with a Crystal aura (Beatrices Blessing). You can also dismantle other outfits to get 7 manashelk per dismantled piece.

I liked that you can choose your class and piece of equipment you want before rolling so RNG isn’t as bad as it could be. Also, you can avoid this mechanic by buying them through AH (market place in-game for gold).

This is how it looks:

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If I would want one thing changed in the game it would just be the rng skin generator. Maybe at least add pity like in any gacha game. Perfect case scenario the rng is removed and we get to choose :stuck_out_tongue:

I would argue that the 10x card packs in the cash shop wouldn’t pass the lootbox regulations.

Isn’t the chance of legendary like 10%?

That’s ridiculously high compared to every other gacha style I’ve ever seen.

There doesn’t need to be pity.


Why would I care for some super legendary yellow mythic golden skin rarity headgear if I don’t like it :thinking:.

Some skins fit your character and other simply suck and are not that cool. Are you impying that skin’s worth are decided by their rarity or the demand on them and their price on the auction house.

You’re talking about card packs that can also be obtained via gameplay and is bound to the account. Issue with avatar gacha is that it’s a tradeable asset on top of being a gacha, albeit being a very mild gacha with 10% success rate and failed attempt actually giving you something useful that can be worn or dismantled refunding 50% of cost.

Not saying I’m a fan since I’d much rather prefer paying a flat price and be done with it but honestly, it’s one of the mildest gacha I’ve run into in F2P games these days.

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Because skins come with stats, the higher the rarity the higher the stats.

Plus equipping a legendary skin lets you equip a 2nd costume ontop of it purely for cosmetics.

Now this is some real insight I have been missing. Thanks for explaining.

To be exact legendary skins give total of 8% main attribute while non legendaries provide 4%. It adds up to be around 2 to 3% attack Stat difference.


I imagine there will be a lot of backlash here if it goes ahead as per other regions, but maybe they’ll change it like they did with the Pet Effects.

@Roxx Any idea how this will work in the West?

i hope the system isnt ported 1:1

best semi realistic way i can imagine handling legendary avatars is to equalise the statistical benefit (either up everything to legendary tier or lower legendary to current avatar bonuses) and then they can just sell them outright in the store or (in ideal land) make them obtainable through some non-cash-shop method

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Just disable services for Netherland and Belgium lol. The price you pay for those laws is you just lose access to services.

Please we really need the Legendary skins in the Lost Ark Shop just like other Epic Skins, this will awesome for us as more real money income for the Amazon/Lost Ark company

It would be fine for na I think we still allow loot boxes but I know a bunch of eu doesn’t so they probibly are just not going to do it for either since they can’t do it in eu

If everything can be bought for blue crystals then it wouldn’t be too terrible.

Willing to spend $500 or more for a skin because its in loot boxes? :joy:

It doesn’t matter what the cost of the loot boxes are they are banned in multiple eu country’s period

loot boxes can fucking die, they’re a bigger gambling system scam than a casino