Obviously the RMT has reached an all time high


I still have no clue why the 2 grudge books aren’t roster bound. The economy is getting so inflated when it already feels like we are trudging through day by day knowing about new content yet never getting it. Is this going to get fixed? Will there be another bot ban? Will blue crystal prices keep going up?

I can’t imagine what a new player to this game would think on how much they would have to spend to be ready for clown.


yeh it’s actually doomed. This is on NAW btw
No idea how people can still say that thronespire isnt being botted.

The price of blue crystals are gonna surpass korea at this rate even before getting brelshaza.

It honestly is so disgusting how nothing is being done against this. It’s insane how a hot fix to make the 2 legendary books obtainable from thronespire non-tradeable has still not being implemented yet.


Feels bad.

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Edit cause im retarded.

Fuck those prices are insane…

The reason is not bots alone. Clown soon and people know that they wont get invite if they dont have 5x3 at least. So they are fighting for it. Blue crystal is another case. There are many manupulation there by players too. For blue crystal another reason is that 3 days holding rule. Instead of buying in game, people will want their gold instant with obvious way. So f2p players are slaves for whales for now. Lets see how long we can hold on to these shit show.

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I can tell you some of the data, I know I lurking in the robot communication within the group for a long time, has 1000 + accounts of robots, the person that has 1000 + a robot account, is very common in the group, because there are 10 k + an account of the people there are also many, the accounts within the game running every day, get the coin for sale, We earn a few coins a day and buy nothing, and I’m not even talking about the people who cheat to get the legend book and a lot of LV3 gems


FFFFFFFF i just sold 2 class books yesterday for 15k each. Should have waited.

what a sad place this is, people know nothing of how the economy works and just keep blurting out whatever they think may be the cause of their problems, " things are too expensive rmt’s fault, cant hone my gear bots fault, cant clear this raid AGS’s fault"
Bots farming items does NOT cause inflation because theyre not generating gold, it actually causes deflation beause it increases the supply and lower prices, so a dude comes complaining that the prices are too high, then the other dude post a screenshot with prices 10x lower and aparently the cause of both is the same thing, and somehow its all tied up with the price of blue crystals as well.
You literally cannot make this shit up.


If only we have CM to report this kind of thing to SG…

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doesn’t cause inflation but concentrates gold into RMT sellers. By doing that they can sell gold for cheaper and at higher volume, causing more players to be incentivized to buy.

When more players buy RMT they focus on gearing - class engravings, high end legendary accs, gems, and pheons from blue crystals. Those are the things going up

So yes no overall inflation but concentration of gold results in prices of high end items going up because RMTers usually have high demand for them

If bots cannot generate gold easily, RMT price will 2-3x, and less people incentivized to buy and at such a high volume. Right now the price of RMT (I think 100k /30$) is worth the risk for many returning players. It used to be 100k/150$


I think it is necessary for you to learn economics. When money is worthless, do you think it is not a robot problem? Isn’t it RMT? A burger used to cost $1, but when the value drops, it might cost $5

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we know. every post about it someone says something like this. but it literally just doesn’t make sense that we have nearly the same prices as kr with less sources of gold income than them.

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How are the prices of high end items going up if they’re farming these high end items and increasing the supply, thus lowering the price, these things are only expensive because they’re rare.

but I’ll give you a like, its was a decent rationalization, so rare in this place.

Price of BC isn’t affected by supply of gold alone. Just look at SA and their prices. You know why it is so expensive there? Because they are poor and have less people whaling on RC. Of course KR isn’t exactly more wealthy than NA or EU, but they might have different mindset about spending and just do it more often or they have better rates of real money → BC.


AGS: Oh no, anyway


They are only farming grudge books, you can’t be this dense right?

Before thronespire, bots didn’t have as much gold, so the rmt was at 16$ per 10k.
Rmt whale would go to the black market and lets say but 200k gold, so he would take this 200k go to the market and have to buy with it, lvl 10 gems, shards, destruction stones, class engravings, etc…

After thronespire, with bots having almost an infinite supply of gold, the rmt price went down to 2$ per 10k gold.
So the same rmt whale goes to the market and buys 1600k gold, now he has an extra 1400k gold to spend on LVL 10gems, shards, dest stones, class engravings and so on, what do you think will happen to the price of these items?

But yeah, keep parroting the same b.s about bots not causing inflation.


I said bots “FARMING ITEMS” do not cause inflation.

As opposed to the normall whale who buys a bunch of royal crystalls and do the same thing? But of course we wouldnt criticize legit whales in here, never, everything bad that happens in the game is the fault of rmt/bots, sure keep deluding yourself.

Difference between legit whale and RMT is that legit one will decrease prices of BC and/or skins, while RMT will decrease price of grudge books. Most people probably prefer to have cheaper BC and skins.
And of course game might see faster development or just better quality if they profit from it more.

Just in case - I do agree that thronespine books do not cause inflation, since they do not create gold out of nothing.

To whoever think making books from Spire roster bound would solve anything: No it wouldn’t.

All it would do is jacking the prices up further cause then the supply of books they provide to the market would break away yet the amount of gold farmed would still be the same so less supply + more money = higher inflation.

That being said the bots being the cause of the inflation is probably not wrong but making the books bound would only jack up inflation (on books) even more

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