Occasional Massive ping spike since last 2 week

Hello I already made a similar post like a week ago but originally i thought its my internet connection problem. Now even though my internet does have problem sometimes however this particuler problem turns out to be only in Lost Ark. I get massive ping spike in like 3-4k and my game like freeze for 5-6 sec then always comes back. Always exactly 5-6 sec. No more or no less. I never had this problem before but only have it for last 2 week. I have done all troubleshooting. Did every soultion suggested i could find but nothing is working. I play Lost ark from an outside country so i normally have 170-200 ping which fine but this massive ping spike makes it very difficult for me to raid. Please i need some help. If its some routing connection problem i can talk with my isp to try to get some fix. At this point i have no idea what to do except quit the game for good.

Hey @Kameha hope you’re doing pretty good.

Really sorry for this situation you’ve been experiencing with the ping spikes and latency issues, I see your internet sometimes have issues, but regularly your ping is around 170-200. Let me know if you’ve made sure of:

  • No updates available (Steam, BioS, Windows).
  • Verified Steam integrity of game files.
  • System clock is set to the correct time. (Microsoft Support)

As well if you haven’t tried switching to a wired connection, you could try if available and check if there’s any difference. I did see your reply in a thread. I’ve already escalated this situation so our team can look further into this.

Hope it’s useful, as soon as I’ve any update I’ll let you know!

For some reason the connection is good now I havent really changed anything since last time i was having ping spike… i am hoping it stays that way :slight_smile:

EDIT: Actualy i mightve copy easy anti cheat .exe file to EAC folder. But i cant say for sure thats the reason.

Nvm getting high ping again

Hey @Kameha how’s it going, hope you’re doing well.

Once again I’m deeply sorry you’re still experiencing this situation, I completely understand how frustrating this can be, please proceed to the following link so our team can gather the proper information from your case and look further into this. Remember to tell them that you had completed most of the troubleshooting steps on the website.

I do really appreciate your time and patience and hope this situation improves soon, rest assured we’re all working hard towards this goal.

Hope you have a great day!

i have already sent both ping test and dxdiag but got no reply yet

Awesome then, let us wait some time while our peers review and gather more details to help you out with this situation, once again I do apologize and thank you for your patience.

Hopefully soon you’ll be reached back with further steps, see you around on Arkesia!

was doing a chaos dungeon got massive ping spike from start and disconnected… got kicked back in log in screen load in to same chaos dungeon and it gone smoothly with no spike.

cant you guyz figure out whats causing the problem with this error message? i see its a “0PELP” instead of “SPELP” everyone get

Hey @Kameha hope you’re doing well today, appreciate the response, any chance you send this screen shot or error number over the contact on the website?

We are well aware of this situation and our team is currently working towards a solution, for this specific situation we are requesting that everyone experiencing it reach us to escalate, to be be able to identify the user root cause. I do thank you for your time once again, our peers are definitely taking a look at your case and soon will be reaching you either requesting more information or with a resolution.

By the way if you did not sent the error screenshot I’d recommend you reach back so we can add it to the case.

Hope you have a really nice weekend, see you around on Arkesia!

hi around october 20 internet cable was cut on France. I think i started to have bunch of problem on Lost Ark right after that. Maybe its because of this?

Hey @Kameha here I am once again, hope you’re having a nice weekend by the way!

I saw the other thread you created and I deeply apologize for the response you received, this is not the way it should have been handled. Rest assured I’ll take the matter on my own hand to escalate this behavior and make sure your case is properly reviewed.

You can try and find out if your ISP did any major changes from when you started experiencing this situation, but unfortunately we couldn’t say for sure.

I’ll reach you back as soon as I’ve any update.

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I have talked with my ISP they didnt change anything.
Havent been able to get past character select since yesterday either i get dc on server or character select screen or it loads infinitely.

or this

Hello something finally worked for me. Someone made a thread on discussion that you have to copy paste Anticheat exe file on both program files and inside steam file and you also dont repair EAC after. and magically i was able to get in the game. Cant say for sure if i will get ping spike later or not but its good for now. Looks like Repairing/installing EAC from folder gives you a incorrect version and it slightly works giving you a false impression its working fine

EDIT: NVM ping spikes on some instance are still there.
EDIT2: actualy it didnt do anyhing back to cant even login again.

my connection with EUC germany frankfurt is definitely very unstable

this is how normally it should look like

You can see everything except EUC central and frankfurt stays the same.

Hey i will put all the problems i have in a single post since i have alot of problem it is possible the fix are different… i am really hoping most of the major ones get fixed this weeks reset cant do most raids this week so already lost 50-80k raw gold + extra materials.

  1. Server select/Character select screen: Start game and immediately get server authentication failed. Sometime i select a server its load for a bit then disconnect. If i get past on character select screen and i start a character and it loads for long time and then disconnect. 1-2 time very rarely it loaded my character after long time but i got disconnected immediately after loading.

  2. Random disconnect: Game randomly disconnect. it can on pretty much anything even when
    im standing still.

  3. Disconnect on character switch: Sometimes it disconnect sometimes it loads forever.

  4. Raid ping spike freeze: Sometimes i join a raid and i get massive ping spike right at start it can be anything from 5k-100k+ ping. Everything in game except my character freeze i can still move and i can still chat in raid chat normally. Only thing i can do is alt+f4 the game at that point as it never unfreeze.

  5. Raid ping spike. Sometime game doesnt freeze but i still get massive ping spike from the start that jump to 1k ping. What i noticed is if i dont get ping spike immediately at start of raid i never get ping spike and its normal through all gates unless we dont leave the raid.

  6. Chaos dungeon ping spike: Sometime I get big ping spike from start on a chaos dungeon. What i found about this is if i quickly go the character select screen and come back to same instance chaos dungeon all my ping spike goes away and it becomes normal.

As you see all my ping spike issue shows at the start of raid/dungeon. if i get smooth ping at start i never get high ping during the raid. Now i cant say for sure if i can leave to character select during raid the ping will go away because i cant do that during raid.
now many people say its really bad when they get 1-2 disconnect in 30mins but i literally cant play. i can try to login to game for hours to get maybe 10min play then disconnect and cant login for some more hours. and there was absolutely no issue before 3 weeks+ you can check i have never complained about connectivity issue before.
I really hope some of my issue gets fixed this week reset i have no hope for this week.

looks like most my issues are gone after maintanence yesterday.i i still got 1 disconnect and 1 ping spike in 3 hours but way better then before.

Hey @Kameha I do appreciate the time you took in order to reply with all the issues you’re experiencing here. Allow me some minutes to check this all out and check for further steps to solve this, hopefully I won’t take much. Really sorry for the delay.

And it’s great to hear you’re not having to deal with the same situations you were experiencing before the patch. Anyways I’ll make sure we can reduce this as much as possible, see you around!

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hello i am getting massive ping spike and disconnects again since today :cry:

is very rare now but i got into 1 bad instance with massive ping spike and got dc shortly after just like before… didnt happen since last 5 days. kinda concerning if all my issues come back again

Hey I completely understand your point, rest assured we are looking into all issues related to connection and performance. Hope you’ve been doing great by the way!

Is this still only happening during events or dungeons?