[OCE | NA WEST] Startup Guild <INFAMOUS> Looking for Members & Officers

[OCE | NA WEST] Startup Guild Looking for Members & Officers

Would you like to be part of a new startup guild? Infamous is a new guild that will be forming for the western release of Lost Ark, and we’re currently looking for members and officers. We’re primarily an Oceanic guild, but are happy to accept members from other timezones that wish to apply.

Our Goals

  • To provide a safe community, free of toxicity for mature-minded folks that can share a laugh without taking it too far.
  • To provide a pool of players of all skill levels to complete all forms of content - leveling, PVE, PVP, Raids, and more.
  • To provide groups for all levels of content, from casual to progression-focused groups.

What We Offer

  • A chance to build a new guild from the ground up, starting at launch.
  • Leadership positions for those seeking greater engagement within the guild.
  • A well-structured, feature-rich discord server complete with guides and multiple bots.
  • A home from day one of the Western launch.

Guild Activities

  • Leveling
  • PvX from Casual to Progression-Focused
  • Raids with set teams (Raid Leader positions available)
  • Guild competitions
  • Discounts on trades between guild members

What We Expect

  • Agree to our policy of zero-tolerance towards toxicity. You can have fun, we simply expect you to not be a dick.
  • Ability to speak English, and own a working microphone for guild events.
  • Willingness to help your guildmates from time to time.

If this sounds like a good fit to you, please feel free to DM me, or join our discord server: discord.gg/SjH8MYQGCB (Requires email verified discord account) for a chat.

Boom bam

Once the server has been announced give another shout out as reminder :wink:
When I am searching for guild, the name is important and infamous sounds alright
You guys will start from the 9th February headstart or the 12th?

hey id like to jump on in when release im OCE and will be getting into it so when we find what ever server we hitting just shoot the reply

Probably good to add which West Server…unless I missed it in the post. But I digress…Aussie here keen to join fellow OCE players. Valtan seems to be the go for Aussies?

Valtan is the ‘unofficial’ server for OCE followed by Mari for some other players who scared of server queues… the 3rd one I can’t even remember the name :sweat_smile:

Thanks for that info…Looks like im rolling on Valtan :slight_smile:

Hi! We’ll be playing on Valtan, which will be the prominent server for OCE players. Feel free to stop by our discord and say hi.

Sure thing, we’d love to have you. Drop by our discord server and say hi, get to know some folks and perhaps even watch a stream of one of us playing RU to answer any questions you might have.

We will indeed be on Valtan. Stop by our discord and say hi :slight_smile: