OCE servers and losing people for your next game

since choosing not to bring out OCE servers for lost ark when you brought them out for new world you have lost any chance of me and im sure alot of other australians coming back for any new Game AGS puts out , the only real reason im still playing LA is the fact theres nothing else out to play thats a good time killer.

Honestly what was going through AGS’s mind for them to think of not having OCE servers.

Yeah I heard the Taiwan version is coming soon.
I might play that with a vpn.

The “official” response to no OCE server is “licensing issues”. Now if that was indeed the case, why make it available to OCE on Steam.

If they don’t licensing rights, it should never have been made available in the first place.

Imagine any mmo nowadays without aus servers. It’s stupid. Not that it matters much now. Unlikely for me to keep playing. 640 hours in and I’m burnt as. Logged in just to get grand prix reset stuff and instantly logged again.