OCE Servers instead of EU servers PLEASE

I know this has been said over and over, but can we please get OCE servers? I’m sick of playing with a 250ms ping on a US West server, even though it’s fun to annoy americans saying it’s our official OCE server, we need our own and with FREE transfers too.

yeah new EU region, but still no OCE server

I hope they launch one test server for a month to test traffic to see if it’s worth it for them. A month at least will show if interest plateaus or not

They said NO. How many times do they need to say it?


there would be no population unless they offered character xfers to it, or copys of characters to it.

as everyone isnt ditching their main for a temp server.

The game was said to release in NA/EU. Not OCE my guy

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have u seen the EU servers?. there is 19 servers which all being full in peak time with insane high queue! some get home from work and cant even get in unless they wait 5-6hours.

this ^

Amazon would have to register the game in all OCE countries first. If you sell a product you also always have to pay taxes in the country you are selling it. This process alone can take between 6-12 months. I have no idea what you guys are thinking. You think they just press a button then OCE servers appear out of nowhere?


i mean they can repurpose the 5 Oceanic Servers they have for new world, with the 50 population…

if it was easy enough for them to register a server in Sydney for New World, then they can do the same for Lost Ark, then all the sooky americans can have their servers back.

that’s exactly what I was thinking, remove the OCE servers from New World and use their Sydney server as the new official OCE server…it’s not fun trying to do dungeons and PVP when you’re on 250ms of ping against an American who has 10 ping

They have the license to sell in OCE, just not SEA.
Look at the country release list, Australia and New Zealand are on it for release date yet they refuse us equivalent service that is provided to other regions.
@Canbaz This wasn’t a NA/EU only release my guy.

This is the most viewed topic on the lost ark forums…

The main reason a lot of OCE players (specifically pvp or high end pve) stop playing games like this is purely due to the latency issues, being nailed by skills and attacks which is easily avoidable due to lag is extremely frustrating.

And yes the servers are already existing in their Amazon data centers (example is new world, servers were added overnight), they literally just need to load a LA host client.


250? I’m getting 150-170 in NZ

and you don’t think people on US servers have to queue up to join a server either? get on at 9am Australian Time and majority of servers are full and have 6k queues…join Valtan and it’s just filled with Aussies, we have to deal with a 200+ping on a server, not fun when you’re trying to PVP and do other things at “peak” times.

NZ has better network infrastructure, Australia has politicians which think dial up good enough

I live in Western Australia, so close to 4 thousand kilometres to the closest server host here in Australia, which, 9/10 time is Sydney…Australia has one of the worst network infrastructures in the world.

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yeah, but you see, these people (mostly Americans) don’t understand how easily it actually is to do this kind of thing, especially when the game is LITERALLY available for purchase within said region…

be nice to have a server I could log onto that’s not “busy” or “full” all hours of the day, no matter what time I log in over a 24 hour period, the servers in NA West are busy or full, Valtan for instance, the server I’m on, is filled with hundreds of Australians

Thousands of Australians,

the Server is populated with majority Australian Guilds, and Players,

there was a Video posted to Youtube, that showed some endgame pvp from an Americans point of View, and he was getting killing blows on people, but they werent dying as they were lag hopping and rubber banding for him,

with only a 200 ms difference,

think its bad as an Australian playing on the US west sever, it just as bad the other way, when majority of the playerbase is Aussie.