Oceanic server please <3 :'(

Please re-consider seriously Oceanic server(surely Amazon got some servers in Sydney)!!! There is a lot of player potential here for your game, the only option we have right now as a mmorpg is WoW (last mmorpg with oceanic servers)… so i have no doubt that will be a hit for you! But you need to do it fast, before our community lost track on your game… please please we waiting for this game for years like everyone else, and that’s a shame we can’t get at least one server :’( no one wants to play your game with 180-200 ping and that’s what we gonna get here… much love for your fantastic game <3 but sadly we won’t be able to enjoy it decently here in all Oceania :sob: … unless you give us a chance! :pray:


They absolutely have oceanic servers available, it’s Amazon after all. The issue now might be that there is no character transfer tech in place to allow those of us that are already well underway with our character to transfer to Oceanic servers if/when they open them up.

The disheartening thing about this… is they had time. They had time to get it right, and make sure the release was done correctly. They had time to have Oceanic servers ready at launch (this isn’t 2000-2010 where Australia is a second-rate country and sits on the back burner).

To feel dejavu associated with this launch is an understatement, and that dejavu has a negative association because it takes you back to a time where people deemed it impossible or too hard to support Australian communities. Hundreds of games have Oceanic/Australian-Only/SEA servers that support us (yes SEA is a compromise but it’s better than US).

The biggest issue with that is any further games Amazon chooses to release - all Australians will be hesitant to spend their money before release because they’re showing they won’t invest in the gamers here.

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Hopefully if enough of us make enough noise about it they will start seriously thinking about it

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This is literally our only hope. Get loud on the forums and socials and more importantly, vote with your wallet. The more OCE players paying into Lost Ark, the more likely they are to consider it. Unfortunately, money speaks louder than words.

Well since you said please, they kinda have to.