Odds of Power Pass With Destroyer Release

As someone who plans to main destroyer what are the odds that we will get a power pass for this character since the feiton power pass lasts till June 30th. Also what do you think the odds are they release purchasable power passes with the class release.

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Eh. A power pass to catch up would be nice but every month? That’s a bit much.

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I think they usually release one after every release. Because as it is now, I’m like maxed out with all my knowledge transfers and stuff. So if I start a new character I have to level it to 50. But with the Feiton Powerpass I was able to boost an extra (my glavier). I think they will need to or they will force players who already used up all the slots to level to 50 who used up all their transfers like I have.

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Historically a powerpass is released with every new class release.

So based on the past it’s 100%.

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As a future Destroyer main like you i was wondering that too.
I was thinking if we would get a 1100 powerpass with him, in a way to catch up on higher levels quicker. With the actual pass/event people will be at a higher level and it would be easier to go into endgame but i don’t believe that much in this, i suppose we’ll get a 960 PP like glaivier.
Just in case i’m mostly farming mats for him but the pass gives SO MUCH that it’s gonna be easy to level up pretty quickly !

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This western release with AGS does not have much of a past yet.
The time line is different.
We just got both “super express” and power pass" for April.
We the players are hoping for new class every month.

Are AGS going to give us 1 or more boosts every month?
We really don’t know yet.

I think it points more to a power pass in June if we get a new class there.
With some current events lasting until June.

Chance of power pass with destroyer: 33.3%
If we do get one it would point to one for every new class release but it won’t show such pattern before we have at least 2 in a row.

Also about purchasable power passes. I guess it will be awhile before we might get them.
Low chance in near future. Uncertain for longer out.


I would hope for a power pass with each class release. Express mission AND power pass - maybe not.

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This power pass expire on June 28th. Destroyer coming on May. Nop, I am not expecting another power pass.

I was gonna save my 960 powerpass for destroyer but when i clicked on it, it said expired in week so I was forced to use it. This was then later identified as a bug. I really wish we could get a confirmation on a destroyer pass so I don’t waste time and resources on lower teir honing mats in preparation for destroyer.

@Roxx can we please get a response?

Their radio silence on power pass for destroyer makes me think they’ll instead open up a express event slot for 1 new character

If you bet on no, then you can’t lose.
You’re either surprised or expected it.

I did a statistical analysis based on sample data from KR, RU and US. I concluded there is a 100% chance.

They could also give gold for knowledge transfer if you want to level up destroyer that way.