Of course, bots in the event

Is this event going to be like this from today? with the bots filling the channels?


the event was made for the bots

so ofc?


Yeah. Once per player, not per character, per day.

Surprise, bots swarm it.

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You know what? Are you afraid of hh

Oh look, a chinese bot has joined the forums.


These are small things

Honestly I wonder if this event is all a ploy to bring the bots over to it so they can be banned quicker. Its maybe too big brained for AGS/SG but I wonder. Making an event that essentially “prints” gold daily

I don’t get it. It’s full of people

Warriors from within the game

A bot got a lucky mokoko in my instance this morning

what if this is the greatest bait of all?
attract the bots periodically to a specific spot and just ban all of them every day
ags being masterminds

yesterday i kept seeing these random names getting lucky mokokos. then i look at myself and i see that i managed to get… 40 gold!

I got 100 luckily (or unluckly I should say :P).

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definitely unlucky. however bots are really good at it i must say!

not surprising, what can I expect from dumb game company planning dumb events