% of hype for the January update


That’s the lowest hype so far, in all Lost Ark Updates

Only 3 out of the 122 bulletpoints on the patch notes actually mean something to me:

9 (Pheons)



That’s a sad update…


Lol same


the next 2 months going to be the same, patches with little to nothing in it.


You guys better get ready for six months of radio silence once Artist and Aeromancer are finally out in our version.


but they have skins and y’all love the skins. Imagine all the kindness, charisma and the other 2 stats will go up lol


Updates this year won’t be quite as chunky every month since we have a lot of the Legion Raids and most of the classes pushed out now, but we’ll continue releasing QoL updates and content when we can.

There will always be different folks excited for different aspects of the game, though. Personally I’m pretty excited to have the Witcher content come to life in Lost Ark, but on the other hand I’m glad you found a few things of your own to be excited for.


Why don’t you stream the witcher questline? I will sure be watching!

when we will get the QoL that we can buy extra loot from Legion Raids after we did it?

could have spaced out stuff like classes and raids, like artist could have been feb and it wouldnt be 3 months of complete nothing and then a smack full month of stuff.

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Maybe to you but April is just Brel Hard Mode for most people.

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I think u misunderstand. Its not “extra loot”

Its a i forgot/cant/gatekeep do for exampel legion raid. And u can buy atleast Chest on the next ID.

If they wanted hype they would have released artist and aeromancer

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those are some pretty nice things tho ngl

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Your team could’ve released a new class instead of making people wait four months. But the business intelligence of a studio that has yet to manage anything properly, probably told you not to.

People would be more excited about the witcher update if you could use the skins for the specialist class, but you also botched that one huh?

Can’t wait to see people lose interest and leave the game during these four months. But hey, at least you will still have bots inflating numbers.


:crossed_fingers: The witcher event has pheons or legendary card selection pack.


You kill all the hype for the witcher event with no artist skin.


Since they said “QOL” i think they are aware about that, in the end it’s indeed extra loot

I was. But there is one thing missing from the event, so on principle i won’t be getting any skins.

As for the patch itself, i literally don’t care about anything in it. Thing’s you listed are probably the most notable indeed, but i’m ambivalent. Pheon cost reduction is meh, i can take it or leave it.
I got used to double tapping so i’ll stick to it and keep the insta cast off.
Buying with only bound mats is great, but with how i manage mats on my characters - it’s irrelevant. I would rather have that toggle for honing.

Becasue they look cool and are from witcher, which is a rather beloved game. I like a bikini skin as much as the next guy, but a more fantasy themed ones are also great to spice things up. The Ciri skin looks awesome and i would love to have a mini-ciri in form of an artist in my roster. There is one problem tho…

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I personally have no idea why anyone would be excited for a witcher skin when you can literally buy bikinis, tight jeans with high heels etc


This isnt content. SG gave us a questline(chore) and is selling us skins. The fact that you don’t realize that shows that you don’t play the game yourself. The Koreans don’t even consider the event “content”. Its only here to get us to open our wallet.