% of hype for the January update

No frog, no chaos dung qol, no AH limit lifted.
Bedge patch

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For posts like this one AGS decided to push the artist to april and change the class release cadence…

They know classes and raids are the “HYPE” content thats why they are drip feeding.

i know i’m speaking for most but yes this is a very sad update, sure you reduced the pheon costs for accessories which is ok i guess, most of us who have been playing the game from day one if we have a roster of say 6 characters i would bet most are 5x3

when getting an accessory with pheons i usually don’t mind because there is no rng but ability stones, seriously…that could’ve at least had a change

skins are atrocious, censored as usual, the disconnects are still rampant and all we get for the past 2 months is “we’re looking into it”, then when bots run rampant for months you guys expect full praise saying that a massive ban wave took place but you ended up banning actual players and having a permanent mark on their steam account and guess what, bots are pretty much back to their normal numbers, last time i checked it jumped from 75k to 175k in just a few days

with this update we were hoping for something good, maybe an event with honing goodies or something but just another stale 4 months with the same ongoing issues never being dealt with, i don’t blame people for leaving the game or the ones that will shortly leave from this, just a bunch of disappointment


Get used to this, this is the real KR experience that you guys love.
in Kr they just get skins and Qol’s and “bigger” patches every 3-6months


You say this like you’re the first person to think it. Everyone has known this since feb 2022 and post’s like this are complaints of that bs cadence.

Well we got this BS cadence thanks to this kind of posts so keep doing this kekw
Who knows the aeromancer release can be pushed to DEC.

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Cadence was decided well before the community gave any input. Cadence was double-downed on by the company multiple times due to soley monetary reasons.

The community and posts like this never had any impact on the state of the game and never will.


Okay, you can think whatever you want, id still think that people calling this updates “bad” and saying that the “hype” is behind classes and raids makes them think exactly that… That classes and raids are the real content and they have to space it out in order to keep the game alive.

We just received brel + new class a month ago and people are already expecting something big this month too.

Tell me a single mmo that have big patch ever month pls.
Spoiler: the answer is none.

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You can strawman all you want bro, the fact is this mmo is already released. They chose before the community had any input to spread old content and released classes out over a 15 month period in order to maximize monetary gains over player experiance and game health.

They havent released any “new” content since the game dropped. You’re right no MMO out there releases big patches every month but a majority do atleast try and get a new large patch out every financial Qtr globally.

Again posts like this will never change AGS’s mind, the money is in drip feeding. If they actually wanted longevity and success out of the game they wouldve caught us up to korea like they promised and collected feedback actively.


Like i said, im not here to change your mind, thats my opinion and you should respect it.

Sure, your entitled to it. But i don’t respect it

it’s a slap in the face to you, isn’t it?

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Welcome to korean mmos

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Whatever lol its not like your opinion is relevant to me

Yeah probably still better than what’s in Feb and March, which will have about ~5% of the players actually participating. GvG content is completely dead as-is, apart from 2 or 3 guilds on each server no one actually does them.

Welcome to AGS mmo’s you mean, blue protocol wont be any different.

oof rough but kinda tru :c

Every Korean MMO is the same. Blue protocol could be the same too since it is japanese.

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Depends entirely on if the auction house has been restored to full functionality.

Exactly, every single KR MMO is the same and im sure BP will be the same, even western mmos are following the same path as KR mmos