Ofcourse once again you do maintenance during EU playtime

how about you do it during:

1 AM UTC time now next time


Stop fucking whining and get a life you pleb.

It’s the damn morning, go make coffee, go take a shower, do something productive.


1 AM UTC would be 5 PM PST…

Great idea !!!

Servers went down at 5pm on a Friday for me, and wont be back untill 11pm.

Suck it up princess, Maint sucks for someone, somewhere no matter what time they do it.


yeah, let’s have a game with random maintenance roulettes for minor fixes. We’ve spent more time in queues and with emergency, unexpected, surprise sudden maintenances than in the game. This is very unprofessional. People organize their playtime schedule according to work, family and other stuff. This is unacceptable tbh as it’s not for an emergency maintenance to fix anything major and is a lack of respect to players.

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When taking down All the servers, it will always be in a bad time for some regions.

However, the lack of information given to EU about the 6h downtime is kind of frustrating.
Atleast they announced it at 1AM this time instead of 3AM, also the maintenence is not 2h before weekly reset, so they are making progress!

Morning time is not the prime time. Please understand that.

For example WoW is doing the maintenance always on Wednesday morning for EU.

I have never seen anyone complaining about it since the last 15 years.

So please stop with this mentality…

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The maintenance is usually around early morning or takes 1 hour to complete.

I guess that is why there is little complains.

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It is currently 8 AM in London. WTF??? Lol. What do you guys not consider normal playing time? I’m a nightowl in the states and the game is down for 6 hours for me right now. But, you don’t see me in here going, “Could you please schedule this for absolutely optimal hours for me? Preferably on a Monday at 8 AM CST.” LOL. You guys are hilarous.

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I don’t know why it is the EU playtime… It’s first thing in the morning in most places. Most people don’t play at that time.

You should try being in the OCE. Every time they do maintenance it is between 5 pm and 11 pm.
Now that is prime playtime.

They do NA and EU at the same time, so this time seems quite fair as they took down NA at what was for them 22:00. So it’s kinda shitty for both of us, but at least they did not play favorites this time.

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you guys know that posts like this take you nowhere, is just another flaming post on a bad forum

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I mean… its 8 AM in London on a Friday. Either, go back to bed or get ready for work. Lol. This is such a ridiculous thing to be complaining about.

What do you mean during EU playtime? It`s freaking working hours!
Some younger have school.!
What do you mean playtime at this morning hour? WTH man!

EDIT: Oh wait my bad! You`re not from EU I guess?
If you are not, than yeah this whole maintenance thing at the same time for 2/3 different continents is ridiculous!

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He wants to go to T4 till tonight :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Working at home, playing LA and working at the same time.

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Yeha same, till Putin decided to strike on the EU internet satelites! Broke our WFH connections :)) So now i just sit and draw for my own projects, while work stuff… well waiting on a fix! :))

So basically neglecting your work and playing Lost Ark while your boss pays you.

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lol its maintenance!
And not really! Im on a smoke break! Then ill be back to drawing, which means i`m still honning my skills, which i also use for work… sooo :smiley: win win :))

Yet more Crystal Aura stolen from us as we can’t play and it counts down.
They need to make it only use up time when ‘In Game’ as they are “selling” us a certain amount of days time that we will ‘Never’ be able to get the full time out of if we choose.