Official Crybabies Union

I propose starting a Union for all the crybabies on the forums.

The leader can be the guy posting all the QQ about every single little thing in this free game.

The members can chime in with their own QQ. (wah wah wheres my compensation. boo hoo i lost 2 hours of gameplay.)

Diaper change.

More QQ

I’m honestly not sure why this game is so toxic but it just continues to exceed my expectations time and time again.

Was gonna say something about hello kitty online but it looks like it shut down in 2017.


I vouch for Pacifier skins to be equip gifted to these players which gives them -100 charisma and locks them out of Sasha’s and Ealyn’s affection level, which they can’t unequip until they’ve gone 6 months without crying


Fully support your motion!!!

Crybabies union IS the forums.

If the gatherings are not hosted at weenie hut jr’s then I’m not joining.


A video game forum is full of toxicity and “crybabies”?!?


I also am shocked and appalled


I wanted to compete but you already took the mantle just can’t compete with whiner who whines about whiners.

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