Official Galatur Thread

Following a server issue Galatur experienced data loss that impacted many players.

I am doing my best to centralize the discussion and drive everyone toward our News post which has steps to help get your account back on track.

I apologize for the frustrating experience, we do have a working solution but it does require your help submitting a ticket.

Please check out News Post on this topic to find the steps you can take to resolve this issue.

We can use this thread as a central hub to continue any discussions and ask any questions you may have.

Thank you for your patience.

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Ive been waiting for almost a month to get my bugged MSQ to get fixed lmao
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Thank you, I just wanna GRIIIIIIIINDDD!!!


Hello Seawolf,

I’ve been working tediously to try and resolve this issue on my end – I just wanted to verify some information that I got from AGS. They had said that my case was looked over for the missing quest line, and that I was offline when they attempted to give me the quest earlier today. Do I need to be online for this to take place? I’ve spent nearly 10 hours today between stalking and posting on the forum and talking to agents. I just want to know what I need to do so there isn’t anymore excuses for why this hasn’t been resolved. I’m currently online and more than happy to do anything to help.

We will get this resolved as quickly as we can, I really do apologize for the delay. The team is focused on getting this solved for everyone.


The servers were offline earlier, so we weren’t able to apply the fix.

You do need to be online in order for the team to fix the issue with your account. Waiting to find out if you have to be on that character or can be on an alt.
You can follow along here:
Official discussion thread for this issue: Official Galatur Thread

Thank you

I see, they had mentioned that it was around 11:18 PM UTC+2:00 when either the note had taken place or I was considered “offline”. I just ended the chat and they told me specifically to attempt to stay online as long as I possibly could (despite it being 11:00PM in my timezone). Regardless I think I’ve made more than enough people aware of my case individually let alone the thousands of others having the exact same problem, so I’m not too concern about it being resolved eventually. Obviously I don’t know the scale of the problem as a whole, but I look forward to being able to play the game again, as I have been these past two days.

Really hope they have fix soon. I think I may have submitted 2 or 3 tickets to get my quest line back. Hopefully with launch they can work on getting our quests back asap

My characters name on galatur is “Rimeheart” still missing MSQs, ive put in multiple tickets. just want to make sure im on this list. Ill be online for awhile fishing and running around in circles lol if we could get this fixed would be MASSIVELY appreciated. Thanks!

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Belonna on Galatur,

Missing quests, 2 tickets that went nowhere and a support chat guy that was unable to help. Prepurchased the silver and platinum packs and used everything on one character and now its bugged. I really hope the third ticket can get me somewhere.

My friends who did not preorder have caught up and are passed me…

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Just in case others didn’t see the some of the other threads:

You must be online for the devs to give you your quest back. Whether you have to be on your character that is specifically missing the quests or not is unknown, but you definitely need to be online. This has been confirmed by Seawolf as well as other AGS live chat agents.

idk if you had seen but in the other post Seawolf checked in and they told them that people would need to be online for them to fix the lost quests however no one knows if you have to be on the specific char yet

lol we posted at same time :stuck_out_tongue:

and here we are haha

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hello fellow lost boys and girls :slight_smile:

Might be a good idea to be updating the cases with this new information?

@Seawolf so we have to be online or we will get skipped and have to wait even longer ugh this is getting worse and worse.


What would i need to do if I was skipped for not being online, do i have to resubmit my ticket or am I now at the bottom of the queue again ?

Yea, I want to compile an FAQ and post it at the top of this thread and the news post.


Honestly I’m just hoping my efforts in contributing to the threads gets my case dealt with quickly along with other people’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

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