Official Galatur Thread

Currently Online
IGN: Droness
Missing MSQ
Last Quest Completed: Contacting the Militia

Thanks you so much for the effort you guys have put in today.

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Can I have confirmation that my character is one that cannot be helped by you guys? I was posting last night and have posted multiple times today.

Day 3 now that crystaline they gave out to everyone on galatur is now useless to those of us in here and as of tomorrow its going to be cutting into anyone that purchased founders.

MSQ missing since server crash @CyFy @Seawolf
re-posting for bump

Server - Galatur
Character - Ublala

Last completed MSQ was ‘demon raid’
Last normal quest was ‘in the junk pile’

Please halp!

Apologies for the re-post @CyFy @Seawolf
Character Name: Drunkengoku
Server: Galatur
Issue: Missing Main story quest

I’m not sure if you can help with this one. I also have not received the Arkesia Paper Hat Chest twitch drop and the Saphia Pet Chest twitch drops.

Twitch Account is SaltiestCheese03
steam account is heavypuffinmetal

@CyFy @Seawolf
already submitted 2 tickets, help is greatly appreciated - Online now
Character: Uwudaddy
Missing MSQ (blue)
Last Quest: To the hoverboard lab

bugged since Wednesday night stuck at lvl 47 :’(

Hi!, yesterday i posted my ign for a fix, but i dunno what happened, at least it didn’t get fixed today when i logged in (i assume my case is a little bit complex).
What happened:
My world quest for arthetine got deleted, problem is i dont really remember which quest i was in, since i just skipped arthetine, i do remember that i got rolled back to the very beginning of nebelhorn.
Besides i cant seem to get the quest in peyto “iceberg inquiry”, i was with my friend and he had it marked and i didnt i think it may have to do with the arthetine bug. ty!.

if it’s any help here is my quest log for arthetine:

@CyFy @Seawolf

IGN: Riptidx
Server: Galatur
Last World Quest: Holy Inquisitors
Issue: MSQ Gone Currently Online

I walked away for five minutes and come back to a fixed game! Thank you so much!

Thank you for your help!

IGN : Uhhrevenge
posted on this forum last night for help, hasn’t came yet, but many thanks for all the effort everyone’s putting in to get this fixed for those of us who cant play.

I’m on “Finding the Arks” quest and the last blue world quest my journal says I’ve completed is “Where the Pirates Are”

Server - Galatur
IGN - Mahaviral

Currently Online - 2 / 13 / 22

Last completed MSQ was ‘Foxfire’
Last normal quest was ‘Cut a path for me’

Thank you

MSQ missing since server crash @CyFy @Seawolf
re-posting for bump

Server - Galatur
Character - Ublala

Last completed MSQ was ‘demon raid’
Last normal quest was ‘in the junk pile’

Online now! Much appareciated!

@CyFy @Seawolf Can I get some help please & Thank you, been like this for 3 days

Character Name: Syaria
Missing Main Story Quest & an Item from Storage
Last Quest Completed: Forward to Victory
I am currently online



Reposting for visibility:

Server: Galatur
Character: Dryhnn
Issue: Missing MSQ
Last quest: Fortress Under Attack

Thanks for the help with others so far tonight!

Currently online

IGN: Gambeta
Server: Galatur
Last World Quest: Juicy and Red

Problem: Can’t continue the chain quest on the Mokoko Isle

Is @CyFy still going at it with answering messages? I hope they give you a raise for real. I left for a couple of hours and you are still going at it.

@Seawolf @CyFy

Repost after waiting for several more hours (approximately 10 hours today), just want to make sure I’ve not been missed.

Server: Galatur

Character: Aoifaelin

I opened a ticket and also spoke to live chat, where a CSR took my information and opened a ticket for me, then redirected me to the forums to watch for updates.

I too have the empty quest journal (no MSQ, and nothing else, though I can’t remember for sure if I had anything else in there before the issue occurred). As far as I can tell I’m not missing any items or upgrades.

The last MSQ completed appears to have been “They Will Be Remembered”.

I’m currently online on this character.

@CyFy @Seawolf

Name: Gatorfade
Last Quest: Burning Light of Hope


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