Official Galatur Thread

Submitted two tickets to amazon CS and didn’t get helpful replies. I would greatly appreciate some help so I can play the game.

*edit @Seawolf @CyFy

Character: Phinvincible - currently online
Missing MSQ (Orange)
Last Quest:

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Currently Online now.

IGN: Architext
Server: Galatur
Last Quest: Drums of Resistance

Please help.
@CyFy @Seawolf

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@Seawolf @CyFy

Still Online (over 8 hrs)
IGN: Tbois
Last Quest: Chase the Stone Tablet
Same as everyone here. On Galatur server missing msq

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Bumping up the thread (last post 8 hrs ago)

IGN: Boltmage
Last quest: Verdantier Doubts
Currently online

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Also heres a picture of my pup kal for encouragement! @CyFy @Seawolf

thank you so much! my account has been fixed :slight_smile:

@CyFy is proof that not all heroes wear capes. Need to get an appreciation thread going for them!


I still cant believe people are still posting for account fixes…

Posted wrong last quest I think earlier:

Character: Dryhnn
Server: Galatur
Issue: Missing MSQ
Last Quest: Through the Demon Beast Legion

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I’m getting rather frustrated now, i get “fixed” but all it did was put me back in the same problem i still can’t click on the triport… I DON’T need the quest reset it does nothing for me. I need it moved onto the next story line. But none has responded back to me and im watching my screen and nothing is fixing.

Reposting what i posted because i feel like im getting ignored now…

@CyFy @Seawolf

i see it got reset TY but im still stuck because i cant click the triport since it was already done. can u please advance me to the next quest line? reseting my current quest line gets me stuck in the same loop.

Character: Weebitz
Next quest line would be “Legacy of the Ancients”
im still online

Character Name: Valadiel
Server: Galatur
Issue: Missing Main story quest
I am currently online

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Thank you so much!!!

-From me and Athena :slight_smile:


IGN: Rawcams
Last quest: Through the Demon Beast Legion

Please I have been waiting online and in this thread since last night

@Seawolf @CyFy

@CyFy @Seawolf

Name: Gatorfade
Last Quest: Burning Light of Hope


Would abandoning the quest and starting over work? Just trying to help dont attack me.

God bless you for fixing my account. Thank you!

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In order to assist quicker, I will heart the post once I’ve reset the quest. At that point, you should be good to jump back in and continue the main quest line. If you experience any issues, ping me and I will research next steps.


I <3 you

nuteater is the ign <3 love you

Thank you for fixing my account <3

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