Official Galatur Thread

This is too funny bro

Just got back online
No MSQ last mission: Clear stormcry grotto

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@CyFy Should we be offline for the msq fix? or does it matter?

IGN Umamimami please help I’ve been in this forum for 9 hours today. Im currently online

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You have the FInding the Arks quest, so we’ll need to know your last subquest for it in order to help.

@CyFy @Seawolf
online now, Missing MSQ since server crash
IGN: Deathmina
Last Quest: In search of pirates
Ticket code: V521712586j
Server: Galatur
reposting cuz i dont remember when i posted last


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IGN: Sklttle
Server: Galatur
Last Quest: Gloomy pumpkin farm

@CyFy @Seawolf

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Do you need me to send you anything else or am I alright already

IGN: Oldnews
Issue: Missing main quest

Name: Redplayer
Server: Galatur
Issue: World quest missing, just got to Origins of Stern in Arthetine.
Last quest, “The Three leaders.”


You will need to be online!

Looks like someone fixed the problem for me. If that was one of you, @CyFy or @Seawolf, thanks! If not, give the dev/support team a pat on the back for me.

IGN: Trashmagnet
Last finding the arks subquest: Assistant Investigator

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IGN Uhhrevenge
last blue quest… Where the Pirates Are

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IGN: Terin
Last World Quest: Tracking

Pleas Help

Thank You.

Ive been waiting for 3 days and spent over $100 on this game, not able to take advantage of the early release, put in a ticket that nobody has been able to help with, and people are just on here posting pics of animals and getting their stuff turned on immediately. Ok.

Server: Galatur
Name: Oralyth
Main story quest is broken

@CyFy @Roxx @Seawolf

This is getting kinda ridiculous though…

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I just want to make sure. You can fix the issue if we are playing on an alt or in char select correct?

MSQ missing since server crash @CyFy @Seawolf
re-posting for bump

Server - Galatur
Character - Ublala

Last completed MSQ was ‘demon raid’
Last normal quest was ‘in the junk pile’

Currently online. much appreciated!

@CyFy @Seawolf

IGN: Riptidx
Server: Galatur
Last World Quest: Holy Inquisitors
Issue: MSQ Gone
Currently Online

@Seawolf @CyFy

IGN: DIfferon
Server: Galatur
Last completed quest - To Morai

Any help would be appreciated