Official launch needs consistency

The Closed Beta started rather earlier than their intended schedule time of 9:00 AM PST (12 PM EST) where the East servers opened around 8:15 AM PST (11:15 AM EST) and the West servers approximately 5-10 minutes after. This is a huge concern for people who intend to grab their desired names for characters on the 3-day head start as we are paying for that opportunity.

Could we please get some clarification on whether we will actually be launching on time with the scheduled time or will we all need to be watching like hawks an hour ahead of time ?


Yeah, absolutely.

I was pretty confused when I came back from work and the servers were already online. A lot of people would already play and I was stuck in a huge login queue, even though I was home more than punctual for the intended schedule time.

This is a huge concern for people who intend to grab their desired names for characters on the 3-day head start.

This is also why it is very important to me. I wish we could maybe even create our characters before the game fully releases…

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Bumping for visibility.

We haven’t even gotten a release date yet.
What the hell is this thread. why bump it.

They give us the CBT an hour early, why is this a bad thing? lol

This was/is their trend with New World. The servers can come up earlier than the stated time with little to no communication from Amazon when it happens. Not surprised it happened with Lost Ark and I fully expect it to happen again with any future beta tests and launch.

It’s a problem because both tests were inconsistent with their schedule so it’s likely we’re going to have an inconsistent launch and when you’re paying it kind of matters. If you don’t see why it’s a problem then hopefully you aren’t complaining when the names you want are all taken up.

I just wanted to revive this topic now that launch is right around the corner.

Is it safe to assume that those who are playing during the head start should be ready an hour ahead of the scheduled launch time ? Still looking for clarification on whether you guys will stick to your scheduled launch time or whether we need to sit there spamming login.

I understand this might be trivial for some but it’s pretty important to those who are paying and want to secure names for their characters.

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Either way, we will be waiting ahead of time.
Sometimes it’s good to open servers a bit ahead of time to avoid the big authentification rush, i understand why they will do this.

I definitely hear the concern about name reservations, I will be sure to share it with the team.


Might be a stupid question, but what exactly will be the benefit with earlier access to server in case it is given to everyone with pre-ordered package. Only way to ensure char name can be granted will be, you would be first before anybody else.

Well everyone who pre-ordered the founders will be given a 3 day head start even if you get the cheapest version which is Bronze. The only benefit really is those who want to be ahead of the game before Free-To-Play players have access because it’ll be a huge cluster in the leveling areas. The other benefit is you have a fighting chance to snag some neat character names if that’s what you’re interested in.

Pretty clear, as it was already announced names are unique by region, everybody in region will have same chance to occupy char names as soon server are live.
Best way/ highest chance is to randomize char creation and press save button as soon as possible. I guess there are a lot of tickets sold afterwards to allow customisation.