Official statement about Multiple account

Hi, @Roxx (sorry to ping but i would like to have an official statement and clarification)

I’ve seen a lot of post since the release of the game about multiple account/multiboxing and i can confirm that multiboxing is not allowed and also i can see why, but response from multiple account have always been vague and also with inconsistencies.

Here’s multiple statement since the release (note that some statement are from CM that’s seems to not work anymore with AGS) :

February :

April :

May :

August :

So with this, i still can’t figure if it’s allowed or not, also, on ToS nothing mention that it’s not allowed to play multiple account and transfer mats between them, the only line that can see as this “We reserve the right to determine what constitutes unfair play and to take corrective action we deem appropriate.” wich is again a pretty vague answer, because anything can be seen as an unfair play.

And with all statement above, i would like to have a final answer to this.

I’m not here to debate about what is wrong, what is good, i just want to clarify this thing since CM contradict each other and i can’t find a proper answer.

Thanks !


Its not allowed! you only can have one Account, its even forbidden to trade things over characters on different server but same region.

Official response:



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the game has multiple distinctions where things are once per account or once per roster, making a second roster on the same account is a valid way to play the game please show me otherwise.

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Well, like always, guys saying thing without giving any proof of what their saying.

That’s why it’s not a topic to debate…

There is nothing in ToS that not allowed trading between account (trading system exist, mail exist, ah exist) or playing multiple account (you can have multiple steam account check steam ToS, and so LoA account, check ags ToS also), there have been statement from CM (that don’t work for ags anymore) saying its not allowed and from other saying it is, so it’s not because some random ppl arguing with their own vision of the game that it’s the correct answer.

I invite anyone to read ToS, to read my post, and argue with proof or official thing to tell either it’s allowed or not.

I’m just lost with the rules and what CM have said

it’s hard to distinguish it from RMT-ing
but korean players do play wtih multiple accounts
it’s your choice if you have the time
i personally won’t play 12 characters a week just to double my gold income


It’s hard to say but multiple accounts is 100% allowed in every other region although the transfer of items between them is frowned upon(but not a banable offense). It’s NOT against the AGS ToS or CoC either. The only realistic risk of having multiple accounts and trading between them is getting flagged as a bot and permanently banned, however it is a simple appeal if you’ve only ever traded between the two accounts(granted you ever get a response to your ban apeal). In terms of fairness, it’s completely fair to be rewarded for the time and efford(grind) you put into your accounts so I don’t see this being “unfair play” in any way.

If grinding two accounts and reaping the rewards of your time investment is unfair, is it not then unfair to be able to pay to advance?

TLDR: There is no reason not to as it doesn’t break ANY rules to have multiple accounts.


That’s what the last CM on my post said, it can be flag as rmt due to their anti-rmt tool, and i get that, but if you’re a regular player and get flagged/banned, it kind of unfair since you did not break any rule.

Really hope that some official statement will be made according this…

I know people who literally bus Argos P3 on multiple bought bot accounts with full roster 1370 alts.

They’re still playing the game, so what does this tell you about ‘official statements’ and ToS.

It tells you nothing. It’s not against the ToS to play multiple accounts or bus content(even if you bus bots).

So, players getting paid through AH for bussing those on other servers will be penalized yet bussing and getting paid through the AH is allowed? You can’t listen to CM statements that contradict the ToS and their own words.

The ToS does not disallow these activities which fall under “fair play” as the Auction House IS INTENDED to transfer gold between servers as a multi server auction house where you literally buy/sell between servers. It is not against the ToS or the proper use of the AH to sell an item at any price to another player/account.

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So this can add to the first message about CM contradict each other, and also this is about multiple roster on different server, but this post is about multiple account, and what if your other account are on the same server and so you can use feature that the game allowed ( mail/trading) to transfer ?

All of these fall within the ToS and the game allows the use of multiple rosters. There are features with benefits trancending the roster to be account wide. There is no reason to not transfer between your accounts or roster. What then, would the use of the “Cross-Server Auction House” be if not to buy/sell between servers.

Everything seem allowed in some sort and not against TOS but they can still ban you if there is gold transfered.

The issue comes from people leveling characters with resources from their main account to 1415 and buying argos/valtan busses to then transfer the gold back.

you will basically have to prove your innocence when you get hit
which hopefully if they manage their systems correctly should whitelist you eventually

so basically playing 12 characters to double your income?

That what it’s seems to be yes, but everyone even CM saying all and it’s opposite, that’s why i would really like an official statement about this.

And with the appeal system being so bad it would be possible that if you get ban, someone on the appeal will say it’s allowed and someone will said it’s not and you’ll remain ban