Official statement regarding shadow hunter demon form skin tone update requires further explanation

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The primary reason for this post is not to ask for a change but for a better explanation that I can relate to and understand.

I always had a hard time understanding the reasons behind the few localization choices AGS has made since the launch but this Shadowhunter demon form skin tone change is absurd.

I believe most of the community will agree that representing diversity is a significant value we should uphold, however the lack of explanation behind this change feels incredibly insulting.

This issue has a unique problem that AGS overlooked, this is the only time player is forced to be represented by a skin tone over which they have no control.

I really hope AGS provides us with better reasoning other than

How does an extended range of available skin tones result in the darker form to a point that it will wash out features like armor and hair?

I hope when SG releases some sort of skins for transformation classes AGS will be kind enough to include a variety of skin tones because, in its current state, it is a joke.


AGS logic has no sense, after almost all the playerbase aked if not begged them to keep SH as it was in the Kr version they decided to make it black for keeping happy a small minority whiile the vast mayority HATES such change.

As a SH as main player im not spending a dime on this game until AGS listen to the players and revert this awful change or in a ideal world they make SH demon form has the same skin tone of the human form. If the playersabe hits them where it hurts the more for them, their pockets, be sure they will revert in no time this awful change and even make Jederico blond if asked.

What Amazon did was a poor excuse atempt to justify such absurd change, Amazon is a woke company so dont expect a better justification for the mess they caused.

As happened with the rings of power they will learn that the motto “go woke go broke” applies to Lost Ark too.


This is not about the range of available skin tones, it is about the range our players choice of skin tones… basically it literally says because few people made their chars dark skin coloured we dont want to force them. At least this is how I understood it.

Like seriously at least let players choose the bloody skin colour

In KR you can have your character skin as black as coal, but they didn’t do anything to SH transformation. Also, while I understand that forcing people into different skin tone than their original is not ideal, you also completely ignore the fact that now majority of the playerbase is forced into a skin tone they don’t like, just to please a small minority.
If they couldn’t persuade SG to make transformation skin tone be the same as non-demon form, then they shouldn’t have touched it at all.