Oh look at that, LA isnt the only game with tons of BOTS

Crucible KEKW.
Also I hope you didn’t forget what kind of a mess New World was on release… they effectively screwed away the majority of players with CP2077 level of bugs.

But ngl, can’t wait to see how Blue Protocol will do and what will happen if this game gets any of the same communication issues as this one… I’m sure Bandai will be pleased.

but they fixed AGS has more control ppl are happy from what i’ve seen what ppl say

no he didnt, he isnt even playing our version @Tut_turu

get your facts right before spitting nonesense

I am mostly suprised @jackhoeny havent said anything yet

What can I say? You eat pizza at a pizza place and worry about the taste of the food at the kebab place next door? Isn’t that a boring topic?

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At least WOW banned 120k.

Where’s AGS/SG numbers at?

AGS/SG - Free pathways guys to 1375 only silver. No gold needed and we will even provide you buffs. This is for benefits of new players and creating FOMO. :sweat_smile:

Jokes aside. It’s sad because LA is a great game.

Yes, at least WOW does continue to be banned, AGS will only be banned once a season.

What? AGS keep banning bots, they just make accounts faster lol

Show me an actual proof of these posts because i never said something like that.

You took what i said out of context.

Idk what’s up with you ppl taking everything out of context lately.