Oh man this honing

road to T3 , the struggle continues…

I can’t seem to get pass 1080 it’s kind of like a joke LOL…
This is the formula - 1500 stone crystal + 30 Moon breaths + 8000 or something life shards = BAM honing FAiled !!! LOVE THAT FEELING when I see that pop up on my screen… it is so REWARDING !!!

all those mats gone , one click. But hey there are places we can just farm them back right ? by playing the game ? more ? content provides mats ? more ?

Amazon says "nope, there is the cash shop though…



Don’t worry you’re not alone

Everyone when they hit that honing results:

Wait for T3 and our 15% odds xD

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I swear to god, I would go farm for more mats if I still can… like play the game more. But when that is all the mats you have for 1 chance at honing… and you fail…

ye, it really sucks. I am just hoping the honing chance buff is coming soon. I don’t know how much longer I can last doing this…

sure, but I highly doubt mass majority of the players enjoys this type of punishing mechanic though. The tolerance level .

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ye i agree there needs to be a way to farm more mats , i hope they adress this because most ppl quit due to not progressing , at this point i dont even honing i just sell everything :joy:

i don’t care about hoining odds, they are not a problem imo.
The real issue I have with the game is that there is nothing to do to progress, I’m at 1340 and I can do 2x chaos and Igrexion daily and that’s all. I get mats for 1,5/2 hoining tries and… yeah… that’s a month of grind… I saw Golden River speaking about no gatekeeping and having a lot of fun and content in tier 3. That’s now what we got.

yea so, some people have issue with the actual honing rate, and some like you have issue with not enough content providing said mats to honing with. Both side have reasonable argument here and I agree with both sides.

And at this stage, we are not getting a solution for either side of the issues. I think they should increase the honing rate as well as providing more contents for obtaining said mats for honing. Absolutely

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Yea, I am getting to be one of them, join the quitting boat soon lol

You mean Mari’s? The place where you use Blue Crystals? The same crystals you can buy with Gold? Yeah, you can get some mats there too.

That’s not even alot of materials. While I agree that there are not enough content to give players materials weekly, you can get materials from pirate coins, the new event gives you materials, and buying everything out from the chaos dungeon vendor. Also if youre part of a guild you can by materials with blood stones.

Also, Mari’s shop is completely accessible F2P if you convert your gold to crystals.

I mean the fact you consider 1500 guardian stones to be alot is already a sign you should hang up the game. I dont think youre prepared for the grind thatt his game really is mate. No flame or anything.

Ok mate LOL… sounds like a perfect solution. Let’s tell this to the majority of the people in this game to just hang up . So you hardcore “elitist wannabe” can freely roam around and do content among yourself in this “MMO” see how that goes …

That is, by then if this game still exist lol

there is no ‘infinite’ way of getting mats, you have some tries, either you succed or not. Unlike T3 where you only have a try per day with what’s available it’s a disaster

How can I be a hardcore player if there is no content to get materials as youve stated. You’re literally contradicting your statements.

Alts are a necessity in progressing your main character in this game. It provides an extra source of materials, etc. That being said, they did leave things out such as challenge abyss/guardian that is reducing a large amount of materials one could get weekly across all tiers.

I’m running into this problem late T2 already, not even at T3 yet …maybe I don’t have enough alts to feed my main i don’t know at this point… i think most people are burning out from this BS

Well that’s not entirely true. You can literally run chaos dungeon as many times as you want if you wanted to. Progression is a slow trickle in this game, which is why alot of Western players wont end up liking the game.

I get it, T1-T2 shouldve been buffed so the path to T3 felt like the first hurdle to climb, not the third. I do agree that T1-T2 grind will have burnt some players out for sure.

Chaos dungeon is twice per day to get maximum mats… and chaos does not provide nearly the amount of mats you need honing at late stage in game. Running chaos more than twice is inefficient as stated and tested by veteran reviewers, the mats you get significantly reduced. It is not even a lot to begin with.

Yes I understand that. It still gives you materials regardless if you want to mindlessly grind though. He said there was no infinite way of grinding materials, and that statement is just simply false.