Oh why are people so bad at this game

“omg this game is only for hardcores… it filters players out”

goes in and does Bus carries… high iq

you carry them afk this week, they join your party next week
then you wonder why there are so many bad players at the game
it’s because of you genius


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Tbh, you’ll realise (again) how bad you are at this game yourself when kakul release, and again when abrel release.

Oh why are people so bad at this game

Because this game is requiering mechanically (invidual performance). You thought you were good at the game, then Valtan cames out and you realised how shit you were. After a couple of weeks of Valtan you think you’re good again, then Vykas comes and again you realise that you’re not that good.

Now that Vykas is out and you have understand how it works you think you’re a good player again, and then kakul release and there you go again, showered in shame you realise once again that you’re still shit at this game even 6 months in.

I’m pretty sure even after you beating Kakul, you’ll still feel shit again when fighting Abrelshud.

What’s the problem here I don’t get it?

Are you saying you want more bad players in party finder?


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Dude lets be serious here bus/carries exist in almost every mmorpg. Why Ban ppl? For what? Because they are bad gamers ? I cant understand?

no because they cant pay for a bus or are just bad themselfes.

thats why they hate it

Dude mad because people making money out of helping people otherwise i cant find any reason

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Oh and btw, I forgot to mention :

Even in 6months from now, after you’ve beaten Abrelshud Hard multiple times, been farming Kakul for while, bussing, think you’re finally a grown up Lost Ark player, even after this you will feel shit more than ever when you’ll encounter Hell Valtan Gate1.

um valtan hell comes out next week which is months before Abrel…unless they lied to us …again

People were bad until they learn and play better, some just pure lazy and don’t want to learn so they just ask for bus and stay bad forever.

hes saying people get bused then use that as evidence they have ‘cleared’, so they can join a reclear group.

which tbf does happen and it is a shit experience.

busing alts is fine, busing mains is walking on a tightrope drunk.

My guy u know that we have the already 20000x nerfed versions of legions argos etc ? Even kakul and brel will be nerfed version and still are not highly cleared by alot in kr i think brel is like 30% or 40 while kakul is also something in that area.

In kr most even stop on vykas

Yeah then this is going to happen :

  • Valtan Hell release next week you go into it, feel like you’re shit so you give up with hell mode for a while.
  • 6 months later, after you think you’ve grown up as a LA player you go back to Valtan Hell, and he still shred you in pieces, and remember you how shit you are :smiley:

When people say reclear group all I can read is learning group. There is no evidence that that reclear group denying me hasnt bussed it as well

#dont name group reclear

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ive been saying that for 2 weeks.

reclear, know mech and learning/prog are all the same group xD

If someone joins an experienced reclear group and doesn’t even know the mechanics then you shouldn’t feel bad to replace since they joined without respecting what the group wanted.

I still see some learning or prog groups filling up and they can join that instead.

fwiw vykas hell (9bil hp roughly for g2?) is harder than doing vykas hm (3.22bil hp g2) at 1460 with 3x3 and 2 argos + 2+2 relic or 2 argos + 4 relic so most people are not nearly good enough to do any real content

It’s basically impossible to not fuck up in a raid the first time ever doing it. You can watch guides until your eyes bleed but it’s not the same as experiencing it. Just because you can’t do a fight perfectly on your first try doesn’t make you shit at the game imo.

However, if you continue practicing and trying week after week and still can’t manage to figure out the mechanics or patterns, THEN you might be shit at the game, but at least you’re trying. If you take to the forums calling for the content to be nerfed when you’re among only a select few who can’t figure it out, then not only are you really shit but you’re also dumb.

i mean people overgear content to high hell and when you start doing hell modes with equalized gear and almost 3x the hp as hard mode you will realize how low your damage actually is