Oh why are people so bad at this game

It’s not even comparable tbh. Like it’s not just about damage it’s also about damage taken and stuff.

Like I tell you, people will get shred (litterally) by Hell Valtan G1. See how many time you have that lazer cutting the map in Valtan G1 ? A single one of it in Hell mode is most likely a restart, since the guy triggering it is probably dead already and anyone get hit by it get OS as well. See the donuts that spawn during Valtan orbs/counter mech ? Not only is the mech harder because there are 5 counters, but you also get one shotted if you get hit by the donut.

Hell mode is not for everyone, there is a reason why it doesn’t offer any reward other than cosmetics/prestige.

People said Valtan would be hard, people said Vykas would be hard, and yet literal PUGs were knocking out the hard modes in week one, so I don’t think the game ever actually gets hard, just has more things to memorize to simulate difficulty.

pugs literally have 2-3 more rows of engravings than what is necessary to clear the content without hitting enrage timer so yeah of course it’s easy mode. even my grandmother could clear hard valtan with enough overgearing if she cared enough to play the game and learn mechanics. if you suddenly did 47% less damage (-weapon quality, -engravings, -cards), do you think you can clear valtan/vykas? legion raid normal/hard are not hard for the good player. they are only hard because the rest of their party is full of pepegas.

yeah I mean pugs and even statics still takes multiple hours to clear Vykas 3 weeks in. Vykas is not hard, it’s just harder but it’s not hard it’s not supposed to take weeks to clear. It’s supposed to be farmable content.

Hell mode is different thing, but I guess you’ll find out when you’ll try it.

Just see it this way : Every time you get “hard hit” in Vykas, because you fucked up or failed to dodge or whatever you lose like a 3rd of your hp. In Vykas Hell, you’re dead.

Everytime one perso in your party during Vykas or Valtan lose a 3rd of his HP because he fucked up, in Hell mode it’s restart.

In every online game, 90% of the players are bad.

Is this news to you?

Hate to break it to you but AGS and SGR have both stated before that they have no plans to do anything to discourage bussing.

It is a completely normal thing to see in games that aren’t as alt friendly. Most people do not have enough time to run all of their alts through content normally so this is just the logical way to handle that.

Both sides benefit. The busser gets paid and the rider gets gear for alts that they likely would not get otherwise… not because they would not be able to but simply because they work a full time job and have other responsibilities in life to deal with that prevent them from investing the time/energy.

Theres no incentive at being good at this game because people expect everyone to nolife the game and learn mechs in 2hrs and then cry on the forums people didn’t and then act surprised when they would rather spend 1000g on a bus to avoid crybabies.