Oi! Where's my 30 feathers and 3 day aura?

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Last time it took a week (mokoko costume compensation). Just give some time.


We’re getting final sign off and then will share later today. Spoiler alert, Pheonix Plumes were not on the table even once :smiley: (maybe we should add just 1 for the memes though?)


Please do. Really need that 1 phoenix plume.


Wow thanks for the quick update! I think there should be at least 1 plume included a compensation isn’t a real compensation without the feathers


Obviously, vitameows are new plumes now!


Great, so now I have to return to spawn? Such P2W



yes 1 feather and 10 vitameows

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Please do, that would be hilarious :rofl:

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Lol I’m already calling the compensation will be doo doo and there gonna be a post with everyone in forums flaming on it. I had to work all day and can only play a couple of hours in the evenings until the weekends so anything is a plus for me. People are gonna be expecting way more than what is given.

I appreciate the irony of the plumes, but the last thing everyone expect isnt irony. You re walking a very thin rope and this supposed compensation is a couple words away from spelling another disaster in the making.

From an ex gm a piece of advice: whenever your company f***s up, it s better act extremely serious and cautious. You literally are in the eye of the storm, and your higher ups has shown multiple times they are absolutely not trustable.

Dont get in a position people will be able to put the blame on you. And relat to the higher ups we re waiting, but we re not forgetting.


I had to do a double take. I like this new format of posts.

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hehehe, I really appreciate humor, I think we all need to take things with more humor instead of getting angry. Sometimes things happen and the important thing is to solve them.
I’m sure we’ll have a good useful compensation. Thank you very much in advance. and continue with that humorous tone, I at least appreciate it.

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I appreciate the advice, but I’ve been doing this for a long time myself. This is far from my first gig, and just as far from my first tough service outage. I spent all of yesterday in the thick of things, but now that the dust is settling, we’re all going keep moving forward together. Lost Ark may be a product and a service, but it’s also a video game. Video games are entertainment; they’re supposed to be fun and enjoyable, and things don’t need to be 100% serious all of the time. It’s okay to take a moment to make a joke and laugh. We’re all humans here, first and foremost.


only compensation for ppl who have bought royal crystals on their account, nothing for f2p


Gr8 b8 m8 r8 8/8.

Boi y’all raging over not being able to play a video game for one day lmao. That’s crazy to me and I’m a pretty avid gamer myself…

WTF Lmaooooooo

“An unexpected thing messed my rush everything agenda now i’m mad”