OK arcanist is a joke right? Alot of people will do a long break now

I’m not the only one who will make a break right now.
The 3 favourite classes like scouter, artist and reaper will not come right now.

And they will bring on July the arcanist nobody ask for?

Ok srsly for me I’m out for few months right now.
Maybe they will fix the server issues in this time and I really hope for the artist in this year.

Have “fun” at this game but I will be honest … it’s long ago that I really had fun in this game.
Sometimes I just miss to laugh a bit … but there isn’t anything to laugh about.

Honing sucks,
Drops sucks,
RNG luck in general sucks,
PvP matchmaking sucks,
Dang daylie stuff again and again the same shit sucks,
AH prises and gold income sucks,
Bots everywhere sucks,
Event sucks

The only fun I have is at a legionraids but this U can do only about 1-2h a week and it’s done even with several chars.

Sad to see Amazon is managing to Destroy a good game again.

Ciao guys


hi. what server are u? can u send me gold before u quit?


Ok but I’m EU W

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yikes, even worse, its really unfortunate how they’ve handled a lot of things

Lol looks like all NA/EU throwing a big fit over this, it’s hilarious too watch. Eventually all classes are going to come out. And one has to be next.

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It’s not only the fact that Arcanist is next (not my main), we have to wait 2 months after Arcanist just to find out if our main is getting released. WTF AGS?? Don’t you even understand your audience?? 2 freaking months!?!?!

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Scouter and Artist were the most popular classes people were looking forward to according to nearly every poll I’ve seen. It’s very frustrating… and now not only is a less popular class coming, but we are gunna get classes every 2 months ALL while being the only region to not get a powerpass with each class release lol.

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Im pretty sure we will be getting a power pass with every class now (they announced punika pass + express event for arcana) and express events don’t last for more than 2 months
What would you take?
New class every month without Power pass
New class Every 2 months with punika power pass?

Lol enjoy catching up.

Send gold when you give up again

New class every month without. I just am waiting for one class and the faster they come out the faster I can get to mine.

This is interesting, just look at the destroyer no one tested it cuz we didn’t get a power pass
Im pretty sure casuals would prefer a new class every 2 months with punika power pass it is better to test the classes

Its also not popular at all. If artist was released in its place or Scouter I bet we’d see more of them.

Maybe, but i doubt we would see the same amount as if it was released with power pass.
Power pass it’s a huge incentive for people to test the class, i love destroyer but i had to pass on the class just because the PP

its one thing to be upset with their decisions

i can understand that

their idea that its smart to release classes 2montha/class is hurting the game
they should have listened to the community and release classes even faster than 1 per month

but claiming no one wanted or is excited for arcana only because U are not interested is a mindset thats not helping anyone here

I mean water is wet, of course power pass means more of them. That doesn’t mean a new class every 2 months with power pass is the right way to go. They acted like they listened, said we’d get faster classes, and we get slower classes, and ones less people want.

Main reason I seem them amber turding us is because after Vykiss we wont have content till Clown and that prob 3-4 months after Vykiss release so they can give 2 characters as content since we wont actually have much to look for since they also give like 1 event per month when in KR they give like 2-3 a month

I mean i prefer a new class every month (not because i would make all the classes but to keep forum people happy)

I don’t know im starting to think that 1 every 2 months with power pass is better for the majority of players (not just people in the forums) since it will incentive people to actually test the class

Okay, wait… you are taking that “faster release classes” post out of context, on that post they were talking about a faster release cadence compared to KR, 1 class every 2 months is still waaay faster than kr

Yeah, this may be the reason

You keep crying while im gonna enjoy raiding booba queen Vykas with the bois

Cya <3

I would quit too if I was on EUW