Ok engravings for Paladin?

So I got a free 7/7 expert/spirit absorption stone for my first alt: a Paladin. He’s 1422.5 using the hyper express pass. Obviously I hope this stone can save me some money.

I have nothing on him yet and I want to have some engravings before Vykas. Looking at the maxroll guide I am thinking:
blessed aura/awakening/expert/spirit absorption + 1 vital point hit

I can get this with 6(combat) 9(class) from books, which is what I have free chests for.

One possible alternative is to go x3 Vital point hit since the book is free at the market and then x2 on spirit absorption, but that would also require one more relic accessory.

Would this be fine? Would you take a paladin like this for Vykas and later raids?

people are taking supports with just the 3 core engravings as long as you have correct stats (class engraving, expert, awakening) so yes with your build you would definitely get taken but you should try to get drops of ether probably over vital hit point since dps like that engraving alot

Thanks. Purple Drop of ether book is free at the market too? It looks really bad at level 1, so probably need 4 relics then.

that stone is useless because there’s no reason to run spirit absorption on paladin

If you are going to say something like that you need to elaborate, because the maxroll guide lists it, so it cannot be useless unless the guide is outdated. Perhaps it’s not the #1 meta pick, but I’m not looking to spend loads of gold for tip-top build at this stage.

you go very heavy in swiftness so the atk/move speed from spirit absorption is not very important to you but again the stone isnt necessarily useless because as i said as a support you are easily getting through in every party with the 3 base engravings and most definitely with drops of ether as your 4th

as you said one more relic would be required since drops of ether gets a ton of value from each level, especially lvl 2 to 3 and the lvl 2 spirit absorption would just be a comfort thing to add although its not required but there is no good reason to gamble more gold and pheons on a different stone for a support character

also purple drops of ether is currently 1 gold in EUC i dont know which region you are in

personally i wouldnt go for VHP, if you want to go 5x3 with that stone, i guess drop of ether might be a better choice, the truly advantage you get on going with spirit absortion as support is that you can use jewels with spec insted of going full swif, this would make your meter fill faster and not to worry to much with your moving speed, however the truly advantage of swif build is to have a better skill CD. also leg drop of ether books are dirt cheap

Thats a completely viable build. Blessed aura/expert/awakening/spirit absorption. I would add a plus 1 judgement engraving.

Just get some accessories with spec instead of swiftness. Youll have higher cooldowns but faster meter gen and higher damage blessed aura for your group

Hehe, looking at the market I think I rather need to reduce my ambition, because there literally exists only 1 accessory with blessed aura +3 and a +5 in another and either swiftness or spec: A ring with Awaken and switfness for 200k. That’s not in my budget.

Hey OP! I’ll try to give you some advice from my own experience and all the guides I’ve read around!

Paladin is based on swiftness (all swi + sped from necklace), this, plus our own buffs, already cap our move speed, so spirit absorption is not that useful =f Sure, there’s a build based on spec (swi from necklace) where SA would be helpful, but from what I’ve seen, it’s not good unless you can play with friends and coordinate with them.

That being said, parties will accept you if you’ve Blessed aura + awakening+ expert and good status, other engravings aside the “holy Trinity” aren’t that necessary, but you can pick drops of ether and/or vital point hit. I run 4 paladins, so I go with VPH in 2 and drops in the other 2 lol