OK i know its ovious but

i dont see the patchnotes on EN :)) only on german,french and spanish :). i saw the PINNED announcement. but still :slight_smile: someone forgot to post one on english. even if its only a regular maintenance it would be nice to see some post about it. just sayin. have a great day.

what you mean patchnotes? theres nothing in this one and theres is an english post for the maintenance

dont think there is patch today… if there is it will be include patch notes. like every week

There is nothing new so it’s to be expected. But they are not even post to say “hey there’s maintenance” seems really unprofessional

You mean this post? Just making sure it’s able to be seen or unseen for some weird reason.

That post is not visible from here, because apparently it’s not posted to the english subforum of “official news”

Seems to have been corrected as I posted.

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