Ok, I will never ever try anything to "defend" AGS

Before, when people post things such as bot defending, trading restrictions, not giving enough next patch information too early, and so on, I would defend them because I really think they are doing all they can. Take “not giving enough next patch information too early” as an example, I think the reason behind this is that they need to be double, triple, and ten times sure what will be released on that day and not give any false information at all.

But this? this taking back the rewards PLUS a fking 2-hour maintenance? LMFAO. I spent over 50K AUD on this game. You think I care about 60 Pheons? This attitude, the way they “make up” their own fault is ridiculous. I really wish I haven’t spent all this money and time on this game. Really not worth it. What’s even worse is that they already recalled all mails that players have not opened yet. I got two more characters who haven’t login in, and I can’t see any mail.

Just, LMFAO.


It will cost them less if they antagonize you like this than the profit they will make out of people who will have to even buy 20-40 pheons once reaper is out. We who remain in this game are the biggest expired pasta eaters of them all my guy.
We went through the first weeks of release with those broken matchmakings that wouldn’t let us queue up in chaos dungeons etc due to system outrages fault of the servers not being ready.
We have watched EUW die out because of the aforementioned reason making people mass quit EUC for a better experience.
We have witnessed friends and guildmates quit due to the grievances of rushing argos, and along the way any other grievances.
The delays of Mid June.
The constant unapologetic underperforming from their side with patches and delivery of content.
And at least 5 other major grievances i am forgetting.

And today after we experienced a week of losing raids, being jailed by disconnects, all part of their fault. We are given some measly currency which is gonna be detracted, not even given to us as a apology but an punishment for even taking it with a 120 min maintenance.

We like eating shit, and they know it.

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