Ok, Ok chill.... No one here hates Lost Ark

So here’s the deal. I am editing this thread cause the message didn’t get through.

Instead of directly attacking Lost Ark’s Game Design, I’m gonna open few simple threads with basic suggestions.

Support if u like the suggestions. Everyone wants to make the game better. No need for violence!



so what you really wanna say?


I think the OP will show Smilegates how to make a successfully game


“horizontal content fun, vertical progression not fun, want a game with horizontal but no vertical stuff”


nitefox1337 is what happens when you are salty and jealous about game’s success.
posts like this is what happens when you do 0 research about popularity, players feedback and combined player happiness.


this post reeks of pretentiousness and “I am very smart”

for absolutely everything you have listed here you can mindlessly reduce any game down to and say “well it sucks because X” when X is a designed intention that many people enjoy.

if you have problems with the game just spit them out constructively without this BS rhetoric


I didn’t read any of that outside the first few sentences. The game design of LA is pretty great. There’s always room for improvements but it’s terrific. You should channel your energy & be like Eric Barone who coded, developed, composed music & did Stardew Valley 100% by himself. Go forth, create instead of telling people who have already created how they are wrong.

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So if I can channel my energy, I could do Stardew Valley? wow.

Like some kind of Kamehameha?

You wrote “I didn’t read any of that outside the first few sentences.”

You mean now? or in your life?

  1. You arent good at a game.
  2. Get mad.
  3. Start complaining somewhere by typing an entire essay.
  4. No one cares or reads it.

good job, you just wasted your time.

  1. says the guy who answers the thread.


I’m saying since you know so much about game design that instead of complaining about a game that has been being developed for 3 years you copy Mr. Barone. You know exactly what to do, what needs to be done. So go create a game that will be loved by millions around the world instead of picking apart the creation of someone else.

Will you send me the million $ to back my project? Because if u do I’m game!

it took me 60 seconds to reply, your wall of text took way longer buddy :slight_smile:

laughing at someone is never a waste of time, is called entertainment.

Lol I couldn’t even get past reading half this cause of how dumb it is this is probably the most dumb post I’ve ever seen on here

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Make a million stop being broke

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op clearly hasn’t gotten to the challenging parts of the game yet and probably didn’t even do guardian raids on ilvl pre nerf, not that they’re that hard pre nerf either

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There is a twist at the end.

Dammt, read the rest! You re missing out!

Barone developed the entire game from his paycheck working part-time as an usher at a local theater. No million dollar backings.

So the cops knew that internal affairs were setting them up?

It sounded like those folks on ubisoft talking about elden ring. If you dont understand it, it dosent mean its non existant .