Ok so good we are getting express event but!

Hello, Good news we are getting express event, but I would like to know does the express event also comes with story express event?

such as from new players playing from scratch that starts from Rethramis to punika which is called story express event? is this being added?

or its going to be standalone express event that you get only from 1302 to 1370 express event?

Please confirm @Roxx

Power pass is the story skip.
Punika power pass means you skip to after punika story with gear for ilvl 1302.

based on CM post you do need to have done this story on other character before already before power pass can be used.

The express event is some honing/material/other help after 1302.

2 different pass’.

Hopefully more legendary card packs don’t even care about the materials at this point.

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I am referring to express event that comes to additional story express event that’s excluding from power pass and 1302-1370 express event. Most of recent express event comes with story express event. That’s why i want to confirm If we are getting or not.

Its different from power pass and ongoing catch-up mechanics from 1302 to 1370.

What story express event? With the last Hyper Express you got Feiton Powerpass that skipped Feiton story. Hyper Express doesn’t have any story skips.

Nope, power pass only works if you have cleared punika already.
Doesn’t work for new players.

So you want to know about a different express event from the express event we are getting?
Something other versions got?

What we are told is that we get punika power pass and express event 1302-1370.

there is no 3rd pass coming our way.

I already wrote that in the post.

  • A Punika Powerpass that immediately advances an alternate character to the end of the Punika storyline (Item Level 1302).
  • An Express Event that grants special missions to a selected Item Level 1302 character to help them progress to 1370, pairing well with the Punika Powerpass.

thats all we get and all you need to know

Nope, you gave incorrect info, for new players it doesn’t skip punika story, you can’t even use it.

There is hyper express event that gives story express event rewards if you start from scratch to punika and hyper express event from progression, so two kind of express event.

so this is excluding from the power pass.

I literally don’t understand what you mean but hopefully someone will give you an answer you’re looking for.

You react to first line that power pass skips story (and it does)
but you then ignored the next part about needing to have completed it on other character.

Its in one hyper express event when you can choose story express and hyper express at the same time

Ok that means we are still getting old express event.

anyhow thx for confirming

you high as hell

Stop calling it Hyper Express. It’s not Hyper Express. Hyper Express are event that brings you at 1415 and above. Below that it’s called Super Express.

um, no, this is a vital information in addition to that

Our is just Express. KEKW

maybe they will release the honing buff with the patch, and they just haven’t announced it yet xD


Personnally I don’t really care anymore. I have enough raids to do across my all character, this express event is not usefull for me but will be for other that’s great. I think giving a 1415 hyper express would have been much better for the community, but it’s not like it affect me anyway.

It is how it is, we deal with it. One day we’ll get honing buff, let’s just hope people will still be here .