Ok so update on friend status

All mt IRL friends quit a few months ago. So i made new friends in game. But, now they’re all leaving too. People got bored and i don’t really blame them… Clown will be on farm like week 2, so I’m worried the game is progressing slow for the people at/above 1490.

seems fine to me

every game is slow and stagnant from the top

The pace is olay for me, im not leaving, but we lost like 6-7 people from statics each day for a few days in a row now. These are statics that clear both legion raids, all gates 1 tap each. Id consider these people pretty invested types. They’re just walking away in chunks. We even play other games with guild members to try and keep their attention span, but ppl are bored.

you have to understand, those people would have quit anyways…, a few months between new raids isnt unusual for mmo’s and in KR it took even longer

If you don’t like what you’ve seen of the game so far you likely aren’t going to enjoy much of it’s future either.

Ignoring all stuff about it’s a Korean MMO, play at your pace, etc the actual content loop in Lost Ark is not only very static, but it’s been on repeat long before you actually reached “end game” which is why players are finding it hard to keep going.

Since day 2 on your main character finishing North Vern you have done 2x Chaos 2x Guardian 3x Una every single day as well as clearing the Procyon compass for what now 7 months?

That core content loop never stops and is only broken up by weekly boss runs. Adding another boss run to your weekly won’t fix the problem, adding 5 more won’t fix the problem (since you are still limited to 3 per character anyway).

In the end you have to come to terms with the fact that LA has a very basic, very static content loop. It involves killing the same monsters, guardians and bosses day in and day out.

So outside of enjoying Horizontal content, finding ways to burn through your daily content so you don’t play as much or finding other things in game to occupy your interest there isn’t much else to say on it.

People who like it will stay, people who don’t will leave. Lots of folks are also just waiting for something new to come out as well.


most dont know when to slow down and stop doing everything (min/max income/resources).

I dont need to get all raids done, chaos, guardians, dailies, daily islands etc anymore. Main is ready for clown ages ago, most alt are 1445++.

have latly taken a few days off from the game each week, I do enoy the game more now when I dont “feel” force to do everything (specially i hate everything that is timed to few hours or every 2 hours, those are the worsth).

Side note: they really need to fix timer so we in EU can do those timed events early in morning if we like.

Clown most likely will not be on farm by week 2. I have some Korean guildies that are very good at the game took around 1-1.5 months on their first attempt

I think it’s a decent pacing. This gives you some time to build alts into Valtan/Vykas aswell.