Ok this will be my last post on the forums

I know I already posted too much today and people are mad, but this will be my last post ok?

Lost Ark is bad, AGS is bad and I think WoW is better.

Ok there, got it off my chest it’s my last post anyways so figured i’d put it all on the line.

I’m out, peace :wave:

Ok bye, go to WoW

finally. hope you stick to your word

modCheck any askers? modCheck

Lailai, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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You guys are so cold-hearted it’s obvious OP screams for someone to give him reason to stay.


I give you 3 days, and then you won’t remember Lost Ark even existed :rofl:

Ok bro see you tomorrow.

obligatory can I have your stuff?

You not seen the stats about 9.2 (WoW) having the highest decline in players in WoW history? It’s based on guild and content clears and compared to other updates and at other similar stages in the updates.

You might like WoW more but your in the clear minority if you think it’s better right now :joy:

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