Ok we don't need the new Wednesday reset this week

If you can’t release the update even remotely on time. This whole hey heads up you only have 6 days to beat Vykas this week is about to turn into 5 days and this may as well be called the July update.

No a few hours of delay isn’t the end of the world but how many times are you gonna spout we’re gonna work on better communication and consistency and do the exact opposite?


Boohoo :sob:


this massiv amount of crybabies here is really amusing. every minute a new one.


Or just keep sucking up their inability to do anything because that will promote better change. You guys excited for the 10 phoenix plume compensation?


I agree they should release the game as is!

so maybe while in Vykas game crashes and people lose their entry for the week, or someone buys an item, game bugs and you lose both gold and item.


I see, so you see no problem with people getting only 5 days to clear it instead of 7 :smile:

I dont think its as much of an issue as you are saying

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Yup. It’s not an issue that some people might not have enough time to clear it :smiley:

You sit down and do the raid, if it takes you 5 days to beat it you shouldnt qualify for loot

Nice gatekeeping :+1:

You help keep the game clean of all the casuals :heart_eyes:

Keep up the hard work :smiley:

I will go on a trip for 4 days, so I will only have 1 day to finish Valtan and Vykas hard, not looking good x.x

Ok, “shouldnt qualify” is a bit yikes sorry. But realistically it shouldnt take the average person in a static 5 days

Yes because everyone has the full 5 days to attempt it

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Ok well quit then if it’s such a big deal to you. They’ve been excellent with the communication and consistency. That is unless you have absurd expectations and don’t understand how company delays work and happen all the time and there’ll never be a company who doesn’t have these problems unless they release things intentionally weeks or even months too late while holding the patch in

But we were literally told the maintenance would be extended; that IS communication and being consistent.

I don’t see what AGS could have done differently here to please your impossible standards.

mid june btw

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Yup :+1:
Everyone knows that every player has the entire day free to play :smile:

It’s not like some people might only have 2-3 hours or less per day :crazy_face:

“They’ve been excellent with the communication and consistency”

Brings a tear to my eye

Lol he is exaggerating for sure but no, they have not been excellent with the communication

Vykas will punish you all accordingly…