Okay Ill say it

AGS should be banned for gameplay hindrance… Cause getting DC’d every 15 mins is out of control. Even with deletion of the EAC folder and Verifying again… Bro yall gonna have to find a fix for this.

There is an absolutely infallible fix. New publisher with more stable servers not hosted by Amazon Web Hosting and without this EAC anti-gameplay program.

They will do nothing about it as they are on vacation and said in their news post that server stability is not a critical issue. I don’t know how they got this mythical “vacation” thing whilst working for amazon but guess we’re just gonna have to deal with this over the holidays :slight_smile:

wait until some bozo comes here telling you “they working on it for 3 months some things takes time to get fixed” meanwhile if this happens in KR i promise you not even 1 week and it will be fixed

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Dont forget “We have sent someone out to KR to find a fix for this issue”

Free vacation for those people :).

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