Okay, things have settled down a bit - isnt it time for..?

For releasing new classes? Or at least giving us some kind of a roadmap? Its unfun being stuck on a class you dont really want to main

Also release scouter 1st =)

lol, the game is out for almost 3 Weeks and you think they release the class just yet? xD

Guess will be 2-3 Month and probably summoner will come first, cause she was already in the beta.

Or maybe it’s time to solve all pressing issues that make the game unplayable, such as queues, bots, honing%, etc.

We have 15 classes to play. It will take while before players get through them. Usually new classes bring players back to games so AGS will likely use the releases strategically to boost population. So far the population is still great.

Ques affect like 5-6 servers at best on euc, move to euw if it bothers you this much.
Bots will be banned, pretty sure they said so already.
Whats wrong with honing %?