Old Char Select Backgrounds

Any chance old character select backgrounds like “The Great Journey” or “Omen” background wallpapers will get re-released? or are new players permanently out of luck.

wallpapers are the one-time release iirc. skins do come back but just the skins nothing else from the first release

What I would like them to do is hide the ones from our view that are no longer obtainable, annoys me to see the great journey there greyed out for all eternity -.-

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So what’s the big issue with re-releasing wallpapers? this upcoming anniversary could be an opportunity to release one

They can re release when they are done with releasing

if they haven’t said that it’s limited 1 time release there’s always hope

Hope so! If the FOMO or the notion of rarity is the issue, maybe they can put it in the amethyst shard vendor to make them difficult to get… but don’t make it impossible.

never heard skins come back, I know neria can re rotate but never heard of the normal skins re dropping.

it has been stated in every other region iirc so its safe to assume this follows.

They do. Our version hasn’t been long enough to cycle em tho thats why.

They never said that wallpaper and skin were a one time deal.

out of luck