Old people: Which class is easier to play in pvp?


I wanna try a different class in pvp and would like to know which class is easier to play with regard to reaction and accurateness of hitting (for the so called older people). :slight_smile:

The classes I threw an eye on was

  • soulfist (I love the shiny beam)
  • blade
  • shadow hunter (the demon form is hilarious)

These classes I have already in my roster, but never played:

  • arcana (I understand that there are cards you need to learn how to combine with different skills, dont know if I wanna learn that at the moment, but the wide area stuns are appealing, though I dont like the skills with straight animations, I dont think she is easy to play)

  • striker (I dont think he is also easy to play, because of his swiftness).

  • gunslinger (I just created her because of the dirty laugh, but its been said to be the hardest class to play in pvp)

I am also open to other recommendations though I prefer female chars as female.

Thanks and Cheers.

PS: I also have a sorc, which I know how to play.

is that 3v3?

Honestly i’d say shadowhunter is already the best experience amoungst most classes.

The other thing you can try is sharpshooter, it’s not OP or anything, but if you played shadowhunter, wierdly SS would be very easy to pick up.

Honestly i don’t think the sharpshooter requires too much aiming either, snipe is a point&click, charged shot is not something you particularly aim for (and you can use it as a face to face burst), claymore and flipshot are all just…huge AOE, the only thing that’s aiming is explosive arrow but you kinda just use it for still targets anyways…

It’s not a female but hell it can be so much fun to mess with people. Being an old man and keep your distance and…well, sell your teamm8s and save em back with claymore…

(Gunslinger is the most solid female pick but not particularly “older people”'s char. )

I got around 10 class for pvp. For me destro is the easyiest and got the best beer resist^^ so i like to play him the most.

3 of the classes that you own are one of the easiest to play

arcana has 0 effort aoe cc + stun and then just half hp + with simple combo
gunslinger also stun and then shotgun combo
striker 0 brain class just knockup on everyskill easy to land combos from half the map

Shadowhunter and Death Blade are Top PvP-class currently.
Even the worst player can Destroyer 450k damage at the end.
Arcana is pretty good and is capable as hard counter to Destroyer.
Gunslinger is solide but very squishy once you get caught, you will have likely 10% HP.

I cant say a lot about Striker and Soulfist, as opponent I find them mediocre.

My favorite PvP-class is Deadeye and Gunlancer, because they are great at utility for 3v3.


thank you for all your replies!

I think I will do a shadow hunter next. When I see one in demon form, I start smiling, so I guess it will be my next char. Her looks make me happy like watching a clumsy gunlancer falling from the sky. :blush:

Thank you all and have fun!

If you want to win and not need to learn much

DB and Destro, with superarmor spam you seriously dont need to pay attention to enemy game plan. Just do your plan and ENEMY needs to adjust.

Arti till plate’ish

Shadowhunter is probably safest since it is rly fast fast class with good dmg and good range and good cc, can peel well can carry.

Despite everyone hating sorc I dont recomend trying to play her in pvp. She is very team relaiant and is just ANNOYING as F to deal with.

I dont recomend any class that want to lock enemy solo like WD Striker glavier Gunslinger Deadeye, ppl tend to think those are strong but they have almost NO PROTECTION during thier dmg rotation, Sneeze from enemy team will interupt it, especially with all “Moskito” Bards flying around doing nothing more than long range stunning you to annoy you.

Hey there,

From the classes which you threw your eye on, i would say both SH and DB are very very good, i think DB might be a bit easier because of the SA which it has , but might be wrong since i never played DB, I am SH main.

If you ask about what is the easiest class to play i would probably vote for destro, because of his SA and his survivability, but playing against high mobile classes as destro is a pain.

I personally would recommend SH but i am biased , because its my main and i really enjoy her playstyle in pvp, she is strong for both 3v3 and 1v1.

Good luck and have fun!

Arcana is not an easy class at all. These 0 effort aoe cc’s require a target to not be in a t1 immunity, last the full 4 seconds to proc electrify or tick 4 times to proc it and people can just run out. It requires amazing situational awareness since the class has zero super armors accept on a tripod on your escape (spiral edge). The class is an assassin and your combo requires you to be melee and nothing you do has protection on it. If you aren’t good at playing a skirmisher and can’t react quickly it’s not a class I’d recommend. There is a reason you don’t see many masters+. Since most of the meta classes are high mobility, locking them down in this so called 0 effort aoe cc is very difficult and you’re very easily interrupted while standing there channeling it.

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I reconcidered to learn blade as next class, to have a frontliner for my fellow sisters, the bards.
Shadow hunter in combination with bard is somehow complicated.

But in terms of levelling I just wanna let you know its so ultra easy. Even the bosses just need two or three hits and are done. If I imagine how tedious it is to kill a boss or do solo content with a bard…

… and with a blade its super fast and easy. Though I m just lvl 21 now, but I might annoy you in the Arena practicing with my blade sometime soon. :smiling_imp:

Class for noobs: Destroyers and DB

I got access to the arena today (lvl 29) and tried my blade in pvp. My first impression. No it isnt just pressing buttons. Sorry to correct you.

In solo content until Luterra so far, yes, its pressing buttons, damage comes out, boss dead.

But in pvp I got permanently interrupted, knocked down etc. I have to figure out how she and the combos work, but I d rather say Sorc is easier to learn.


I reconsidered again and changed to shadow hunter.

Here is the reason for older people:

The shadow hunter has more ranged skills, which gives you more time to react.
It also seems that the close skills have more radius damage so there is less accuracy needed compared to the blade.

The shadow hunter seems to be some kind of hybrid class and thusly be a better transition class for me having already played sorc and bard in pvp; sorc which is long ranged and bard rather close, but having area skils, which doesnt require so much precision except for the stun.

Blade at the moment seems to demand more precision and is too close in combat which requires a higher reaction. The transition from bard/sorc to learn the skills of the blade is too extreme.

Also I feel the skills mostly look the same and have similar sounds which makes it more difficult to learn.

The skills of the shadow hunter are more colourful and easier to differentiate while learning. I therefore find the memorization process of the skills easier (the skills of the sorc are also pretty easy to remember especially in terms of the funny sounds).

Yep and having figured that out, maybe you are right with the sharpshooter, which could also be a good choice for the oldies. ^^


Edit: This is just my opinion depending on my starting classes. If you started already with a close ranged class, you might have a different opinion.

Summoner when she comes out.

Summon pets and just run away from opponent and let the pet deal with your opponents.

Aside from that i used to pvp with bard because bard have 4 skills that auto wttacks opponents and you can heal yourself