Old secret maps not able to do with QoL changes

Why are old secret maps not able to be used with the newly introduced qol feature ?
I’ve saved 8 T3 and 12 T2 Maps to do faster after the qol changes but they dont work with that system.
Change the old maps to function with the qol feature please!

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For real?

I’m holding atleast 10 maps waiting for that change.

Imagine trying to run them now when everybody will be using the new feature for their map runs.

“Sorry guys my map is an old one so we need to do it separate” how many groups aren’t just going to say forget it and find a new person that has a map that can used for the 4 at once feature.

Someone told me they need to be 4x the excat same name, will try that and report if it does work then.

I’m another sucker who saved maps to use them after “sacm-proof” mode was implemented…

Edit: Oh yeah, they have to be the same, we knew that. So there’s hope it’s working after all.

Guys, the maps have to be in everyone’s inventory, not in PET INVENTORY. It worked for me and my friends.


Would be great if that was the issue, will try it. Did they still need to be 4x the exact same name? (not talking about rarity tho)


So lame, just basically lost a group run because of this, we just used my map, I though it was because they were old maps, so I just left after that.