Old threads im deleting it

Old threads im deleting this


Not really. It’s a Korean p2w mobile game. It’s gonna kill itself once the hype dies out, like it’s doing now. Smilegate opened themselves up for bots being f2p. Imagine 35% of the players being bots. Sad


You playing this game in your iphone? Do you know LA is bot free and the most successful mmorpg in korea even until now?

Lost Ark is doing very fine since years in KR because its not as grindy and p2w as the very most korean games…
Thats why in average also older people in KR have time to play this game.

Also mobile game? Its one of the most in depth games in this market. And for the age the graphics are still pretty damn fine.

The censorship, but most likely the asian blackwashing is what even koreans bother (I mean thats straight up racist, but ye western woke double moral) it went so far that it was even shortly mentioned in the politics there, but at the end: money wins.
AGS basically managed to make a great game, where they had nothing to do except translating (free cashgrab for them), even worse… By far the worst publisher ever, with just too much money.

The bots are indeed a long term problem.


You do realize that you need to register with your id in Korea, which drastically lowers bot numbers, right?

Something that cannot be done in the West and the reason why other means of dealing with bots are needed. Which… we don’t seem to have here yet. There are trains of bots running around everywhere. Log in at night, you’ll find tens of channels open, just filled to the brim with bots.

There is something called IP/hardware ban

The game has a capped appeal in the West due to its core game mechanic of RNG upgrades and a cash shop for upgrade materials. It is a mismatch for the Western market where players are conditioned to view games like a job, where you get paid an hourly wage, rather than a funfair where you get some lottery tickets for each ride you do and then at the end of the night see if you win any prizes that night. Totally different model, philosophy, and one with limited appeal in the West.

The number of players was much higher than anyone expected, because in the past K-MMOs (which are kinda a known thing in the West by now really) have never done very well here for precisely this game design philosophy mismatch. Why was it higher? Twitch streamers drove tons of last minute bandwagonners to flood into the game, both as founder pack buyers in the 24h before F2P launch and as F2P players, and the hype was much more than anyone anticipated. It was a bandwagon effect, though, not because people understood the core mechanic of the game design.

If people had understood that mechanic, the forums would not be clogged right now with complaint threads about the RNG mechanic, about gating areas by ilvl, about the sexy outfits and all of these other things that are old hat in K-MMOs, and have been present in K-MMOs in the West for years. This one just got the hype because Twitch and streamers and then it took on a hype momentum of its own that was clearly not sustainable because it was not related to the underlying game itself, but mob momentum and FOMO.

When the dust settles, the game will have a stable playerbase of 100-200k in the West, which means PCUs of likely 50k or so (due to time zone spreading) on any given day. That represents the players who are actually interested in the game, and not the ones who joined the bandwagon due to streamers, hype and friends getting them to join the hype train.


Right. But I’m not sure why you are telling me that. I am not AGS.

The fact is - bots are an issue. Right now. Not in Korea, but here. And they need to get dealt with, because they are starting to become an issue. And yes, every mmo has bots, every mmo has gold sellers, etc, etc. The question is always how many.

The reason it will have a stable player base later is because people who play this game is expecting whats in it. Most players heard the game when it was in kr and loved it. Waited until the west release. Publisher just doesnt get it, by try to make a product appeal to everyone it actually destroys its characteristics. If they can just target a specific group of players, they will do really well and became successful


No matter what we say here, nothing is going to change, its just sad reality. We gamer just love games and its just going to get ruined by all these publishers because they arent gamer, they just using the game as a tool for making more money

just waiting for a little skin patch in 1-2years lol

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IP/HW ban? LOL. This isn’t the 90s.


One more troll topic and we are here giving it an audience.

We all know that in 3 months the game will drop below 100K, let’s have fun while waiting for something else.

It’s bot free in Korea because they have to sign up to play using their real name & ID. Bots are a problem for sure. Watching Amazon run New World into the ground is a concern. That game had promise. Hopefully Smilegate will create the content & Amazon will just publish it. Game designers they definitely are not.

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Lmao get a life

LA cant share the same fate ans NW, because LA has matured over 3 years and therefore is more polished and has more content.

LA and NW will have the same fate. Amazon doesn’t ban robots at all

amazon has nothing to do with the content they are just the puplishers… and they cant even get that right xD

Just ignore this guy. He is bored and creates such topics every day for 2 weeks now. Just look at his profile page.

Just don’t feed the troll.