Older released skins on Artist that works! (:

As a hoarder I actually noticed today, some skin chest works on Artist, you can even try the skins on, and open the chest to get them, so I wanted to share since might some of you also have these chests!

I opened the Winter Mokoko Skin Selection chest as shown in the picture too:

And it works on her, the other chests in the picture that I could also open are the following:

  • New Animal Skin Gift Package
  • Maharaka Sombrero Selection Chest
  • Cutie Headband

I just posted this as a heads-up to those who might be hoarding skins and was disappointed that they will not work on artist, apparently, some do, so if you have them you can open them and use them to customize your specialist! :slight_smile:

p.s.: There are two types of Animal skin and Winter Mokoko skin’s chests one of them is working one of them is not! I guess the older one that’s not working was the launch event rewards and the newer ones got added later.

funnily enough, that’s the reverse. They originally gave us the same item chest that KR got (ID-wise) then they created a unique clone of the same base item chest exclusively for NAEU and started to only distribute this one instead. And since they push update by wave and adjust all items inside the database to that wave equivalency, original KR ID got updated (since they originally were available for Artist in KR) while our unique ID didn’t.

Well, you definitely have more insight on that one than me!
Thank you for the update on that matter, I guess it did “worth” holding them then since at least I could use them now!

I’m 100% sure that all skins avaliable for artist works fine, proof is that we can Visualize winter mokoko but can’t open it.
Amazon just decided to block it, to force players to keep playing or wasting money on “new” skins.
Greed 200%.

People should’ve realized this after the first few class releases when AGS said that old skin boxes wouldn’t work on new characters. They worked in KR so what would make any difference on our server unless they decided to create a whole new box just for us without any of the “new” classes. If people haven’t already, seriously consider spending less or nothing at all.

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