Omen set has no destroyer weapon?

Seriously this one of the reason I bought the Omen skin set and saved it until now was for my destroyer and its saying there is no weapon?! I am bit upset on this. Was 100% under the impression there would be a weapon when destroyer released (since you know all the assets are there from KR and RU for it) Is this a bug? Is this intended?!

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At this point in time, it seems to be intended, and we can only hope that they release the Omen weapon skin eventually, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.

Honestly, if thats the case I am really upset, i loved this skin on destroyer so I made sure I bought it for destroyer (including the amazing looking hammer from it). This isnt something hard to make retroactive for the skin since the assets are there.

Unfortunately, Roxx has already stated that the Omen weapon skin boxes would not be updated for both Glaivier and Destroyer.

Sad I didnt see this before. I wouldnt have purchased it then.