Omen Skin Royal Crystal

I thought every upcoming skin was also will be purchasable with blue crystals. I invested my gold on blue crystals just for skins. Why Omen Skin is only purchasable with Royal Crystals?

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There will probably be more than enough for you to purchase in the auction house for gold.

Yeah true but every skin came to the store so far was also purchasable with crystals (blue ones). Why they change it now? Just sounds not right.

“Added the Omen skin collection to the in-game store. These cosmetics will be available in exchange for Royal Crystals until the April Update releases.”

They could’ve done a better job wording it.

But there’s 2 possibilities. - Either it’s gonna be a limited-time-available skin, not a permanent skin in the shop, similar to the Founder’s Pack skins.

Or they mean that in April they’ll also add the option to buy them with blue crystals.

Either way, since game launch we got a number of skins that I didn’t see announced or advertised. The Alar ones, a few class specific ones (sorcs, paladins, gunslingers and brawlers), and also the Maze of the Edge boxes.
So I’m confident that the Omen skins may just take the spotlight, but we’ll probably get a few other skin items slipped in alongside them.

Maybe some obtainable in-game, the way the Maze of the Edge boxes come from drops.

i think they are doing tha to limit the amount of people reselling the skins in auction house, anything boiught with crystals (skin wise) is tradeable but the royal ones you cant trade i believe, maybe its just limited on release just to make sure people arent scalping the skins

I’m sure the word crystal was used. Didn’t specify its either toyal or blue in whatever you read before.

Otherwise how are they going to make money?

Skin is one of the long term major stream of revenue for MMORPG

No, it’s otherwise, you can sell the skins you buy with royal crystals (white/orange ones) but you can’t sell them if you buy with blue crystals.

It’s specifically written as “Royal Crystals” in patch notes.

Bruh I meant wherever you read BEFORE that got you hoarding blue crystals for skins.

I did not read, since all skins came to the store -except the founder edition ones- were purchasable with blue crystals. That was my assumption.

I mean I personally did not like the skins but I’m worried about other upcoming skins.

For all the skins currently in the store, they have two variants. One for Royals, one for Blues. - The Blues are bound and untradable, the ones bought with Royals are tradable. - So it’s not that. It’s probably just to keep a bit of temporary exclusivity, so that people who pay cash can get them earlier, or have the opportunity to sell them for gold, instead of all the F2P players being able to buy them with crystals and choke up the viability of skin trading.

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Hope you’re right about the skins being exclusive for a limited time.

I makes no sense you buy it with blue crystal because They are releasing skin to make money. if you buy with blue crystal literally you are buying it for free.

Meanwhile I’m hoping I’m right about it being a “blue crystal option will come in April” thing. - Otherwise it’d be even more in favor of paying players, who’ll just buy 10 skin packs now, and wait a few months for the price of them to inflate immensely.

Just look at the Plat skin.
I bought a full one in the first week for 3.7k gold. Before the whole debacle with duping them, even.
Now I could sell it back for 100k.

@Dokkaebbi not everyskin is purchasable from Purple crystals, only the “basic” skins, so you can recolor & custom it, 1 for each class, is buyable.

All the rest is to buy with RC, & if u wanna have it F2P, expect them to be around 20 to 60K Gold Each piece of skin gear, as the Platinium founder skin are already at 10 to 40k pieces ( going from head to armor/chest piece)

So no, they might never be buyable with purple crystal tbh, but more like a skin rotation etc, making it more “exclusive”.

Like, if a skin is available only 1 month, that means more sales, then they go in rotation pool & they might come back later etc.

Those skin will be temporary available, & not sold for blue crystals, sorry, that’s the economic pattern of all games tho

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Well Omen will ne hard flip. Maybe MA one. but rest are real


Doesn’t necessarily have to be that way.
Keep in mind, all the blue crystals in the economy come from people buying Royals and selling them for gold. - So every blue crystal was at some point a royal crystal. There’s no difference to them - financially - if they have skins available as only royals, or for both.

Particularly so when they can be sold for gold.

Generally speaking, then, the items for sale for purple crystals are typically in the game as a means to control how expensive things can get on the market.
Like the Alar skins will never sell for more gold than the worth of 840 blue crystals.

That’s totally not economic pattern of all games, you can buy skins with the in game currency in many games, alongside the conversion option. Sad that I converted all my gold to blue crystal and now sitting on pile of 20K blue crytals. I don’t care about exclusivity, I can wait as long as they can be purchasable with blue crystals. Since you can not sell the things you buy with blue crystals, it’s player friendly and helps to stabilize the economy by making people convert gold to crystals.