Omen skin showcase video

They are pretty cool guys, don’t call this trash pls :c


No issue with the skin, but with the fact that its our only option. We can rework Guardians, push T3 content with lightspeed but adding more then one skin in shop is somehow too complicated.


They waiting for the best moment to release the rest of the skins bro

Really ugly skins lmao


Yeah look at the mirror you will find something worst kekw

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Damn it, you are right. Saw your mom behinds me :’(

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Exactly she’s behind thats why you didn’t saw her reflect only yours u_u


Can saw him perfectly out of my both sides… Not easy to hide 180kg woman :'D

Bro don’t talk like that about yourself u.u

U have bad taste sir

Its not an ugly skin per se. All the skins are designed well and have their own theme.

Its just one of the uglyest if not the uglyest from the pool of available skins. Period

In a time where we desperately needed others and gave feedback for a month.

Glad that you like it tho, then buy it, but get ready for a lot of people to call it what it is.

“Ugly af.”

Yeah bro, totally subjective

Ugly or not I’m tempted to buy it just to have pants on my mage classes :laughing:

Ugly as hell, a real shame

If all of the male classes would look like the warrior one, I would’ve bought one for my SS. But don’t like the SS one.

Bad taste