Omg omg Let’s talk about that!

The game gonna be delay ?!?
Lost ark need wake up
Ppl wait for this with massive hype !
Any opinion about this post/picture guys ?

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No… not delay it’s been confirm by @Roxx

The real hype will be “IF” they announce OCE server is added post release. It will be huge for OCE community


You took a photo of your monitor that is a post on Reddit from a dude who took a screenshot of a post from this forum :rofl:

Here’s the link of the post instead: January update while it's almost launch - #38 by Roxx


This guy gets it, see you in-game in 3 weeks Tectrek :smiley:

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I swear you couldn’t make it up if you tried what a way to take a photo :joy::slightly_smiling_face:

Someday you will stop undermining the words of the CMs


Wow man how you notice I took it from monitor, don’t be a kid and toxic, how I get the pic is not relevant common,

Kinda new in forums so didn’t know how to

Relax man, no need to jump the gun, we’re all Lost Ark addicts here. Me pointing out your method was more comedic than anything else hehe :grin:

The real concern will be can AGS server handle the hype. Expect massive queue especially on weekend release :wink: (hope I am wrong)

Yeah i’ll be on EU as well :grin:

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I had to. The internet made me do it!


Not a software engineer so doesn’t really apply to me, but I guess if that’s your jam then go for it my man.

I was send it on they way to friend before I go
Work , I didn’t think
I will post this lol

Is there anything to think about?

The post is quite straightforward and clear.
Roxx apologized for January update being late and explained why it’s late. She set expectation on the update coming “soon” with launch details to follow shortly.

There was nothing in the post talking about launch delay. It’s like you’re trying to connect the dots where there are no dots.

Now, I wouldn’t consider delay to be completely out of realm of possibility but the gap in logic to draw such conclusion out of that particular post is wide as a Grand Canyon.


Jesus Christ, did you even bother to do some research first? :sob:

I am not sure why my initial post about the slowness of the January Team Update and following comms would lead to speculation about a game delay, but it is in no way and indicator of that – I was referencing the timing of communications, specifically, including when I said some would “trail a few days behind” [the other comms].

Not to be a spoilsport, but I am going to lock this thread to prevent further rumors from spreading, since this can cause harm whether or not it is intentional.